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Friday 9 August 2013

Video - Castle Ghosts of Wales

I recently stumbled across this show. It was originally aired in the 90s as part of a four part series. With one episode devoted to Wales, Scotland, Ireland and England. I have since found these episodes on youtube which allows me to share easily on here.
Carew Castle - wikipedia
The first (and best) part of the episode centers around Carew Castle in Pembrokeshire. It details Princess Nest ferch Rhys, the Welsh version of Helen of Troy as well as Satan the ape ghost and his master the pirate ghost. I will say right now that I do not believe in ghosts but not believing doesn't alter the fact that there is some fascinating history here that most people would otherwise be unaware of. I must say I found the stories from the north a bit touristy, almost as if it was made up.

I have since watched the England episode which deals with Catherine Parr. The sixth and last wife of Henry VIII and as Blackadder fans will know she "received a hat for christmas". And also the Tower of London and the children (nephews) murdered by Richard III. I have the Scotland and Ireland episodes to watch but if they are as interesting as the Wales and England episodes then they'll be very good. I have posted the links below if you wish to watch them all. They are available via the proxy site of eztv (chuckle at UK Gov) or if you use firefox download via the "1 click YouTube Video Downloader".

Links (youtube)
Wales | Scotland | Ireland | England

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