"The arms that you wield now are not such as your forefathers wielded; but they are infinitely more effective, and infinitely more irresistable" ~ Cymru Fydd leaflet, 1890

Sunday 6 September 2015


Something extraordinary happened recently, after a tweet I made had a good reaction I made a graphic of it and posted it on my facebook page. After that I'm not quite sure what happened but over the next few days the picture was shared more than 15,000 times creating over 1.2 million views.

The post was made the night before the news broke of the child who had drowned on the beach so this probably had an effect on the way people think towards the refugee crisis that we, as citizens of the blood thirsty UK must share blame for causing.

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Tuesday 1 September 2015

UKIP Bullshit - Severn Bridge tolls

May's election is not far off so we are going to see a steady stream of bullshit coming out of UKIP. Blog Menai has already spotted some bullshit from one of UKIP's Cardiff candidates but here's one straight from the top.

Nigel Farage reckons that he will lower or axe the Severn Bridge tolls. The problem with this is that the Severn Bridge tolls are not devolved. But that isn't going to stop UKIP dragging their knuckles all they way into Wales for a photo op.

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