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Tuesday 1 September 2015

UKIP Bullshit - Severn Bridge tolls

May's election is not far off so we are going to see a steady stream of bullshit coming out of UKIP. Blog Menai has already spotted some bullshit from one of UKIP's Cardiff candidates but here's one straight from the top.

Nigel Farage reckons that he will lower or axe the Severn Bridge tolls. The problem with this is that the Severn Bridge tolls are not devolved. But that isn't going to stop UKIP dragging their knuckles all they way into Wales for a photo op.

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The Severn Bridge tolls are collected by a private company and are scheduled to remain that way until at least 2018 when the initial cost of construction and ongoing maintenance has been paid off.

Despite promising to cut the tolls after that (when they wanted your votes), the Tories look set to continue the tolls at the current rate until 2020 in order to pay off the UK Government's expenditure.

That means that as far the UK Government is concerned, the Severn Bridge tolls are going to stay as they are until 2020 and guess what happens in 2020? Another General Election. The Tories are running the UK, why would the Tories want to devolve anything to Wales if it is not only making them money but could also be used as a bribe come the next General Election?

UKIP either think we are too ignorant to know better or too lazy to fact check him. The sad reality is that for many people across Wales he will be correct.

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If you smelt bullshit in Wales today then it's because Nigel Farage has been here peddling his own brand of snake oil.http://www.welshnotbritish.com/2015/09/ukip-bullshit-severn-bridge-tolls.html
Posted by Welsh not British on Tuesday, 1 September 2015

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