"The arms that you wield now are not such as your forefathers wielded; but they are infinitely more effective, and infinitely more irresistable" ~ Cymru Fydd leaflet, 1890

Sunday 17 November 2013

Give what you can

Children in Need has been and gone once more and with it the nauseating spectacle of millionaires telling the poor people at home to give what they can. This is now even more pronounced with Comic and Sport Relief. But this year something new was added to the mix. Instead of just having millionaires telling us to give what we can we had millionaire tax dodgers telling us to give what we can.

I saw this picture on facebook, I do not know who made it originally but it featured millionaire tax dodger Gary Barlow telling us to give what we can in order to keep a children's hospice up and running.
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As I have said I don't know who created this picture, most people should realise it wasn't me due to the inclusion of the OBE after his name. Although in hindsight I suspect this has added to the impact of the graphic.

Gary Barlow hasn't broken any laws. He used tax loopholes in order to retain more of his personal wealth. But the morality of this aggressive tax evasion is what upsets people. Especially when these tax dodgers are then in our faces telling us to give what we can in order to keep open a children's hospice.

Gary Barlow has a new solo album due out on the 25th November, he has a personal net worth of around £50 million and yet he still used aggressive tax dodging loop holes.

If I had made this picture, I would have included a scumbag hat.

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Tuesday 12 November 2013

Like they do on Top Gear.

It's that time of year again when our TV tax (the license fee) goes towards make a rubbish Top Gear book and/or video. Someone uploaded a picture they took of the entry for 'Wales' in their latest book. It's the usually crass, boring racist nonsense that we have come to expect from the English Broadcasting Corporation. I've added the picture here so you can see it.
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Friday 8 November 2013

Prince Wilhelm Cup

Saturday the 9th November marks the seventh match since the sycophantic unveiling of the Prince Wilhelm Cup by the anti-Welsh language pro-colonialism royalists of the Welsh Rugby Union. The cup is another one of these token gestures that can only be won by one of two teams, although only one appears to have been told about that. This cup is contested between the former English colony of South Africa and the current English colony of Wales.
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Monday 4 November 2013

Energy Scroungers

After looking at how Peter Hain was well and truly on the gravy train when it came to the energy expenses I decided to look into the rest of the MPs in order to try and find some sort of perspective. Is Peter right when he says that without being able to make claims we'd be left with "only very rich MPs" or is he simply digging himself an even deeper hole.

So I went back to the Sunday Mirror article and began to compile a list of every MP, their constituency, their party, their claim amount and what the claim was for. Once you have a full table of results you can then sort them into highest to lowest, organise them by party and create sexy graphs.
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Sunday 3 November 2013

Peter Hain on the gravy train

Dear Wales, please spare a thought for the people of Neath, some of these people are so poor that they will risk freezing to death this winter as they opt to eat rather than heat their homes. For according to Peter Hain, Labour MP for the constituency they cannot do both.
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Saturday 2 November 2013

The gift that keeps on giving

So it finally happened then, Cameron and Clegg came down to Cardiff in their ties matching their parties (or possibly the colour of their blood) and gave the Senedd the gift of borrowing and tax raising powers. The tax raising powers are "only if they want them" and they also have the ability to hold a referendum if they so wish.

You can read about it in more detail from Syniadau or The Guardian if you like but here is the highlights of the hand over and our First Ministers response.
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Carwyn has, or course, refused to give the people of Wales what they want. Two thirds of us want tax raising powers but denying us this opportunity allows the Red Tories the chance to hold one in future, perhaps as a bargaining tool for a future budget or coalition deal. Regardless which it is, Wales wants these powers. By not taking these powers Carwyn is reducing the effectiveness of one of his two campaign tools. The first of course is the "we are not the Tories" mantra and the second one is "blame the Tories".

Now whenever Carwyn or any of the Labour in Wales AMs/MPs try and blame the Tories, the rest of Wales will be perfectly within our rights to tell them to grow a backbone and give us our referendum. And before anyone says "not another bloody referendum" the more used to saying yes we become as a nation the easier it will be when we get the big one.

For those interested you can see more of these comics here, but be warned they often feature very dark humour.

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Friday 1 November 2013

On ths day in Wales - November

1st November