"The arms that you wield now are not such as your forefathers wielded; but they are infinitely more effective, and infinitely more irresistable" ~ Cymru Fydd leaflet, 1890

Friday 8 November 2013

Prince Wilhelm Cup

Saturday the 9th November marks the seventh match since the sycophantic unveiling of the Prince Wilhelm Cup by the anti-Welsh language pro-colonialism royalists of the Welsh Rugby Union. The cup is another one of these token gestures that can only be won by one of two teams, although only one appears to have been told about that. This cup is contested between the former English colony of South Africa and the current English colony of Wales.
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A few weeks before the first 'cup' was played a true Welsh hero passed away, Ray Gravell died on 31st October 2007. 35 years to the day that he helped little old Llanelli beat The All Blacks, you probably haven't heard about this such is the modesty of Sospan Fach. Naturally fans wanted the cup named after a true Welsh hero, not some pampered toff who cheers on England when Wales play them. The reason the WRU picked Wilhelm is quite simple, he's their Vice Royal Patron, his gran, Betty Windsor is their head Patron.
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Just in case you can't read the blurb underneath Wilhelm, it reads as follows.

"The Duke of Cambridge became Vice Royal Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union in February 2007 at the start of the 2007 RBS Six Nations Championship. The role of Vice Royal Patron was the fourth public role that Prince William took on, following his appointment as Patron of the homelessness charity Centrepoint, Patron of the conservation charity The Tusk Trust and President of the Football Association."

So he's not a Prince then? He's a Duke, so shouldn't it be the Duke of Cambridge Cup? He's also the patron of a homelessness charity, which is very commendable that he does things like that, it's not all million pound flat refurbishments and swanky palaces you know! Patron of conservation trust "The Tusk Trust" which again is very commendable. You can't just shoot loads of animals and have a wife that wears dead snakes on her feet (she actually wore these to a "The Tusk Trust" gala) and not give something back. Blah blah blah President of the Football Association, that's the people in charge of football in England.

So there we are, we have a cup named after an English (debatable) Duke instead of naming it after someone the Welsh public actually cared about. And when his dad dies then the Duke will get to be Prince of Wales. Party hard and rejoice at that prospect peasants, along with the literally dozens of ridiculous titles that comes with that he'll also get to own the three feathers, you know the German badge that the WRU have on their shirts?
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These parasites are a stain on the evolution of mankind, it's time we woke up and rejected them and everyone of their imperialistic and sycophantic hangers on.

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