"The arms that you wield now are not such as your forefathers wielded; but they are infinitely more effective, and infinitely more irresistable" ~ Cymru Fydd leaflet, 1890

Thursday 17 December 2015

The Principality Stadium

The Principality Building Society (PBS) has bought the naming rights to Wales' national rugby stadium. The word principality is an ugly word here in Wales with all sorts of negative colonial connotations.

In order to begin properly we need a quick history refresher, so let's take a trip back to 1282 when the English were really starting to tighten the noose around Wales.

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Thursday 3 December 2015

Did your MP vote against bombing Syria?

What a difference a year makes. In September 2014 the London parties were desperate to vote for another war in Iraq and Labour MPs were ordered to vote in favour of bombing Iraq. In December 2015 Labour's new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, had no choice but to allow his MPs to have a free vote because he was naive enough to fill his shadow cabinet with so many war mongers. We should keep this in mind before back slapping all those Labour MPs who voted against bombing Syria.

Since war is such an exciting subject the EBC's David Cornock has actually provided a full list of all of Wales' MPs and how they voted.

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Monday 16 November 2015

Welsh History - A Chronological Outline

I recently got my hands on a review copy of Welsh History - A Chronological Outline by Glyn E German from the nice people at Y Lolfa on the premise that I'd read it, review it and then give it away in a competition. What I've instead decided to do is read it, review it, run a competition and then buy a brand new copy and send that one to the winner. Firstly it's very good so I want to keep it and secondly I'd rather give away a new one than the one I've been thumbing through for the last month.

The idea behind the book is that it's a concise compilation of Welsh history, drawn from various sources starting with the oldest recorded signs of intelligent life in Wales and the rest of this island and then moving forwards until present day. The book is split into chapters covering the different periods of Welsh history.

The front cover

Friday 23 October 2015

The EVEL Empire

English votes for English laws is going through, not many people can have any complaint about this. After all the only people who should be making laws that concern England are the people of England or those who they have chosen to represent them, be that in London or in Brussels.

What people from outside of England will complain about is the fact that there wont be such a thing as Welsh votes for Welsh laws or Scottish votes for Scottish laws.

The irony of EVEL passing almost 50 years to the day that Tryweryn was forced through despite the opposition of all but one of Wales' 36 MPs will be lost on the London based media. They will be too busy desperately scrambling for examples of where the London based Labour party has changed laws in England with the help of Labour MPs from outside England.

October 21st be with you, always

Monday 5 October 2015

Fan Mail

Ever since starting the blog and associated social media accounts I have received a steady stream of 'fan mail'. Some of which I kept screen shots of but the vast majority I didn't. I thought it would be interesting to show these off because some of them are hilarious.

I'll blank out the names of the people commenting and will update the page as and when I accrue a few more gems. Apart from the obvious, highlighting the names would be in breach of who knows how many rules from the sites in question. I've also colour coded them so you know if it was a male or female commentating.

Sunday 6 September 2015


Something extraordinary happened recently, after a tweet I made had a good reaction I made a graphic of it and posted it on my facebook page. After that I'm not quite sure what happened but over the next few days the picture was shared more than 15,000 times creating over 1.2 million views.

The post was made the night before the news broke of the child who had drowned on the beach so this probably had an effect on the way people think towards the refugee crisis that we, as citizens of the blood thirsty UK must share blame for causing.

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Tuesday 1 September 2015

UKIP Bullshit - Severn Bridge tolls

May's election is not far off so we are going to see a steady stream of bullshit coming out of UKIP. Blog Menai has already spotted some bullshit from one of UKIP's Cardiff candidates but here's one straight from the top.

Nigel Farage reckons that he will lower or axe the Severn Bridge tolls. The problem with this is that the Severn Bridge tolls are not devolved. But that isn't going to stop UKIP dragging their knuckles all they way into Wales for a photo op.

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Thursday 27 August 2015

Scumbag Labour - Lord Peter Hain

It has just been announced that serial trough guzzler, Peter Hain, has been made a Lord. As soon as I heard this I knew that it wouldn't take long to show that Peter, like his best mate Kinnock, was against the Lords until he got the chance to become one.

What I didn't realise was that I would find an example that was both so recent and on his own website.

“The Lords are an archaic anomaly which fuels disillusionment with British politics. It exists purely on a democratic deficit which has been allowed to evolve unchecked for centuries.” - Peter Hain

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Tuesday 25 August 2015

Scumbag Labour - Waiting Lists

Patients in Wales waiting 36 or more weeks for a hospital appointment has rocketed over the last four years. The EBC has published figures that were obtained by Plaid Cymru but curiously chose to show the data on a map showing where the health boards are.

Personally I wasn't fussed with the EBC's choice of graphic so I decided to see what I could do with the data instead

Some truly frightening figures, no wonder the EBC went with a map instead. Share via twitter | facebook

Saturday 22 August 2015

'Battle of the Spring Gardens'

The annual Llanelli Riots March was held on Saturday 15th August. It's a commemoration of the 1911 strike which saw soldiers, who were sent in by Winston Churchill, murder two local men.

Every year the organisers have a theme and this years theme was austerity. The march, led by the Cambria Band, sets off from the train station at midday and heads up to the house where the young men were brought after being shot. After a bit of panto, with the organiser barking orders at the crowd and the crowd responding with boos, the march continues back into town where a rally is held at the sunken gardens. After the rally the procession heads to the cemetery where the murdered men were buried.

Me and my flag - pic from the Llanelli Herald

Monday 3 August 2015

Scumbag Labour - Take me to your leader

I thought I'd have a look at the contenders for the Labour leadership contest, just to see if any of them gave a toss about Wales. We've already had Andy Burnham tell us that he knew Wales was being shafted when he was treasury secretary but he did nothing about it. Whether he was in a position to or not is academic as he is only mentioning it now that he wants something from Wales.

Corbyn appears to be the front runner as far as Labour's grass roots in Wales is concerned but how did they vote on matters concerning Wales?

Monday 27 July 2015

Scumbag Labour - Nia Griffith

Labour's abstention on the Welfare bill keeps offering nuggets of hypocrisy all over the place, you needn't look very hard to find them and today we'll take a look at Llanelli's Labour MP Nia Griffith.

Nia Griffith voted for the Tories £30 billion worth of austerity cuts in January and then had the audacity in March to write on her blog that "Llanelli simply couldn't afford another five years of Tory Government". Unfortunately the people of Llanelli are rather fond of austerity so they voted for her once again, just as they have voted Labour in each general election for the past 93 years.

Nia is not a rebel, in any sense of the word.

Sunday 26 July 2015

Scumbag Labour - Kevin Brennan

If I had to compile a list of reasons why I detest Labour then quite high on the list would be the sheer audacity and contempt for which they have for the people that voted for them. And one such example of this contempt has been demonstrated quite brilliantly this week by Cardiff West's Labour MP Kevin Brennan.

Kevin Brennan voted for £30 billion of Tory austerity cuts back in January. He was re-elected in May and was one of the gutless MPs who recently abstained on the Tories Welfare and Work Reform Bill.

Repeat after me, abstaining is opposing.

Wednesday 22 July 2015

Scumbag Labour - Scaredy Kinnock

Regular readers might remember that I congratulated Stephen Kinnock on becoming Aberavon's next MP back in March 2014, well over a year before he was actually elected, such is the predictability of the voters in the Labour owned valleys.

His recent abstention against the Tory cuts came as no real shock as Labour have form for not actually opposing anything unless it is something put forward by either Plaid or the SNP. But it is the manner of his excuse that I find quite worrying,

Proud to abstain for Aberavon

Tuesday 21 July 2015

Did your MP vote against the Tories Welfare Reform and Work Bill?

Barely a few days after my disappointment at not getting to colour in new constituencies on my last map, a new vote hits the headlines which saw 47* Labour MPs rebel against their party. Even more remarkable is that not only has this been covered by the EBC, it has also published a list of MPs from the opposition parties who turned up at their place of work in order to oppose the Tory bill. This kind of journalism from the EBC is virtually unheard of.

There's a more in depth explanation of what the vote was about plus a full list of how each member voted (or didn't vote) at this site but here's a quick summary. Reduce the benefit cap in order to make large areas of England too expensive for poor people, freeze some pension and disability benefits, limit child benefit to the first two children and swapping some benefits for loans.

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Saturday 18 July 2015

Did your MP vote against applying the Climate Change Levy to renewables?

In the UK we have a 'Climate Change Levy' which is designed to tax energy used by businesses, it is meant to promote energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions since the less energy you use the less tax you pay on it. Renewable energy was exempt from this levy, but a recent vote in parliament has seen this exemption lifted. This means it is now not beneficial for companies to switch to an energy supplier that uses mostly renewables.

I was hoping that I'd get to colour in new constituencies, oh well.

Sunday 31 May 2015

Parts of England are poorer than Wales and N Ireland

There was a report doing the rounds recently after the ONS released statistics showing that the richest parts of Wales were actually poorer than the poorest parts of London. The story was covered by The Daily Wales and the graphic they used appears to have originated from The Independent. After a quick look at the data the headline appears to be a classic case of slight of hand by the London media. The data for this is available here (.pdf) and the part we're going to look at is on page 27.

Click to enlarge

Sunday 24 May 2015

Kites v Screws

Not long after the announcement of the Holyhead 'kites' there was another renewables scheme hitting the news, this time in Radyr which is a few miles away from the centre of Cardiff.

Unlike the 'kites', the design for Radyr is one that doesn't make Wales a guinea pig for new and unproven technology. The design for Radyr features an Archimedes screw, except instead of needing power to lift water from a lower level to a higher level the water will drive the screw as it descends to a lower level.

Archimedes screws have been used for thousands of years, consequently this makes it far cheaper to implement which should mean a far cheaper price strike in order to pay back investors.

The EBC tells us that the screws will cost £2.6m which is just under ten times cheaper than the £25m the kites off Holyhead will cost. They also tell us that it will power 550 homes, the company behind it tell us that it has the potential for 391kW (compared with the initial 1500kW for the kites).

If these numbers stack up then it means the screws are a far more efficient and cost effective method of generating power than the kites.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Let's go fly a kite

Wales has been chosen to be a guinea pig for a new type of marine turbine, the 'kites' as they are being called are set to be installed a few kilometres off the coast of Holyhead. But even a cursory read of the news article should be enough to set the alarm bells off.

Map showing the location where the 'kites' (inset) will be installed.

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Scumbag Labour - iPeter

Millions of tax payers breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced back in June 2014 that serial trough guzzler Peter Hain was to stand down from his safe Neath seat at the elections of May 2015.

It has now been revealed that sometime in September, just before a ban was imposed on capital purchases, Labour's Peter Hain bought himself a new iPad, iPhone and a new PC. He then proceeded to claim these items back. The total for these items is an eye watering £1,907.90.

He may be gone but he will ensure that he is never forgotten

Friday 8 May 2015

General Election 2015 - Results

Ahead of the 2015 general election Wales had the opportunity to paint itself whatever colour it wanted to. We had a blank canvass, a chance to reject the two party politics that dominates the UK.

A blank canvass

Tuesday 5 May 2015

If you're still undecided

I don't know about you but for me the most important thing for an MP representing a Welsh constituency to do is to actually turn up at their place of work when they are discussing Wales in order to vote on matters concerning Wales and the people of Wales.

I used the website theyworkforyou.com in order to look at the three MPs in the Plaid Cymru target seats of Llanelli, Ynys Môn and Ceredigion. I've then looked at the three MPs who held seats for Plaid Cymru at the last election in order to see what the difference was.

The difference is stark - Click to enlarge

Sunday 3 May 2015

Scumbag Labour - Definitions

I appear to have upset some members of the Welsh branch of London Labour. Not only do they object to being called scumbags but they also object to being called Red Tories.

Here I will explain why I describe them as scumbag Red Tories and why this is appropriate.

The scumbag comes from the Scumbag Steve meme. Originally the picture featured Blake Boston wearing the now infamous sideways checkered cap that would go on to become a meme of its own. In its most basic form the meme follows the following pattern. Says something, does opposite.

Thankfully my skills have improved a bit since then.
Here is an example of one of the very first scumbag posts I did entitled 'Scumbag Labour - Post Offices'. Thankfully my graphics skills, whilst still limited, have improved since then. The post depicts how Labour closed Post Offices when they were in power and then campaigned to save them when in opposition. I don't think anyone will be in any doubt that this behaviour fits perfectly within the definitions of the original meme.

The article mentions former MP Peter Hain but I also could have included other Red Tories such as Albert Owen of Ynys Môn or Llanelli's Nia Griffith as they exhibited similar behaviour.

Definition from here
The Cambridge Dictionaries Online would also tell you that their definition of a scumbag is a very unpleasant person who has done something dishonest or unacceptable.

To date I have made dozens of posts calling Labour out for their scumbag behaviour, you can find them all with the scumbag tag I use to group similar posts so feel free to look through them in order to make your own mind up whether or not the description of scumbag is merited or not.

As for the Red Tories description, well that is a far easier one to describe and I have created a simple Venn diagram in order to highlight why Labour are commonly known as Red Tories.

As I said, it's quite simple but for the hard of understanding and the members of the Welsh branch of London Labour I will explain it. In the left circle we have 'votes for Tory austerity' and in the right circle we have 'wears a red rosette'. In the middle we have a cross-over depicting people who wear a red rosette AND vote for Tory austerity. It is these people who are the Red Tories.

People like Llanelli's Nia Griffith for example.

It wasn't only Nia who voted for Tory austerity, many more of her fellow Red Tories did too. This graphic depicts how Nia, who wears a red rosette voted for Tory austerity. That means she is a Red Tory.

The graphic also mentions how, on her blog, she commented that "Llanelli simply cannot afford another five years of Tory Government". And the sheer audacity and hypocrisy of this comment, written after she had voted for another £30 billion of Tory austerity is what makes her a scumbag. I don't make the definitions here, I am just using already pre-defined definitions to describe elected politicians that fit those definitions. There is absolutely no doubt that someone who did what Nia has done would, quite rightly, be described as a very unpleasant person who has done something dishonest or unacceptable.

We're about to have a general election, and whether or not some of the politicians I have mentioned are still holding court after the election is up to the people. If they want to elect scumbags then scumbags they shall have. But I will not change my descriptions of them just because the people who support these scumbags are so distanced from reality that they can not accept how far from their origins the Labour party has become. We're seeing it in Scotland and hopefully we are starting to see it in Wales. People on the left do not leave Labour, Labour leaves them.

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Some members of the Welsh branch of London Labour have taken objection to me using the word 'scumbag' to describe...
Posted by Welsh not British on Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday 19 April 2015

Scumbag Labour - Well Hung

Brace yourselves, a hung parliament is coming. This means that the London parties are going to resort to lies and smears in order to try and win votes because they think we're stupid and they know the media doesn't want to help educate us.

The Welsh branch of London Labour tweeted this today from their @WelshLabPress account.

If you scratch and sniff the bit I have highlighted in red you will smell bullshit.

Thursday 16 April 2015

The clip 'they' tried to ban

Firstly I'd like to point out that I'm not sure who 'they' are but everyone loves a good whodunnit. This mystery all started when EBC Radio Wales decided to run a segment on Llanelli and the upcoming general election campaign.

In the segment they speak to Rebecca Davies, the editor of the Llanelli Star who gives a brutal and honest assessment of how she sees the campaign in Llanelli. Namely that Plaid Cymru are far more active in the town centre. They are engaging more with the traders and backing their campaigns for free parking and business rates. They are getting more support from her readers and they are "pretty much dominating" social media.

Monday 13 April 2015

London Labour's Jam Tomorrow (2015 edition)

London Labour have unveiled their most recent electoral bribe to their loyal voters in Wales. As the Daily Wales has pointed out it stands at a whopping 117 words. That's two paragraphs worth from a manifesto of 86 pages.
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Friday 10 April 2015

Scumbag Labour - Huw the Tippex

Congratulations to Huw Thomas who is the 100/1 Red Tories candidate for the Ceredigion arm of the Wales branch of London Labour on providing us with one of the most delicious pieces of irony we've seen during this election period.

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Monday 6 April 2015

Leighton Andrews - Tweeted / Deleted

I see that Rhondda AM Leighton Andrews has been a busy boy over the last few days. First he was busy tweeting about the made up smear the London parties and Daily Telegraph launched on Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. And then he was busy deleting all the tweets when he finally realised that the whole smear was fake.

To read about the smear in more detail you should check out Wings over Scotland, but here's a quick summary. The Telegraph ran a front page story claiming that someone had been told that someone else had been told by the French Ambassador that Nicola Sturgeon had told the French Ambassador she wanted David Cameron to remain as PM. This is despite the fact the SNP have promised that should the Tories try and form a government they will vote against this.

In what should surely stand as a textbook example of the growing irrelevance of print media compared with the instantaneous nature of the internet the story was debunked before the papers even hit the shops.

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Sunday 5 April 2015

There is no such thing as Welsh Labour

By now we're all familiar with Labour in Wales being called Welsh Labour or Plaid Llafur, we're familar with people like Carwyn Jones even being touted as their leader. But I wanted to find out if there was any truth to the claims that there wasn't really such a thing as Welsh Labour and that they were merely a branch office of London Labour.

Off I trotted to the Electoral Commission to run a search*. I left only the tick in the political party section of the 'entity type' and ran a search for Wales. Only one result came back.

Parties with the word 'Wales' in their name

Wednesday 1 April 2015

#Plaid15 - Key Points from the Manifesto

Plaid Cymru have officially released their manifesto but since most people will never read a political parties manifesto then I have cropped the key points from it in the hope that people might read and share them.

The first picture here is actually from the 64th and last page of the manifesto but I'm going to lead with it. All the rest will be listed in the order they appear. I'll include full links at the bottom of the page.

If you want to share any of these on facebook then either save the images and upload or share via my page here. For twitter you can either save the pictures and upload yourself or see the links below each picture. The first image is on its own but the subsequent images are grouped in fours.

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Sunday 29 March 2015

Scumbag Labour - Captain Underpants becomes Captain Claims

A Channel 4 investigation has shown that Labour's Rhondda MP and pants-selfie fan Chris Bryant has claimed an eye watering £70,700 between 2012 and 2014 to pay for rent on his London 'gaffe' whilst he simultaneously rented out his penthouse for around £3,000 per month.

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Friday 27 March 2015

The 0%

Parliament will officially be dissolved on the 30th March 2015 but as far as everyone is concerned it's all done and dusted until after the general election. This means we are now able to take a look at the 'Welsh' MPs and see how they did in the last term of parliament. Most of them will be asking once more for your vote so it's a good opportunity to see if they deserve it.

Whilst looking at the Public Whip website I stumbled across the 'rebellions' section which they use to show how often an MP goes against the majority vote of their party. Naturally I was curious to see how often the unionist MPs rebelled against their party which is predominantly made up with MPs from England.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the number of MPs who had never rebelled against their party bosses during this parliament. To begin with here is the complete list of all 40 'Welsh' MPs. Labelled in the table is their constituency, their party and the percentage of times they have voted differently to their colleagues (who are mostly) in England.
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Saturday 7 March 2015

Scumbag Labour - Tony Blair's Blood Money

You all remember Tony Blair, the man who should be standing trial for war crimes but is instead jetting around the world giving speeches in exchange for oodles of cash? Of course you do. Well he has decided to donate some of his blood money to 106 'lucky' candidates around the UK. And thanks to LabourList I can show you exactly who the receipents in Wales are. And yes, one of my funky maps would be a great way of highlighting who Blair has bought off. But first here's the list of seats in Wales and Scotland who are getting Blair's bonus.

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Friday 6 March 2015

There is no Welsh Green Party

One popular lie told in Wales by the parties that are ruled from London is that they like to add the word Wales or Welsh into their branding in order to try and make people thing they are actually a Welsh party.

One party that likes to do this is the Green Party of Englandandwales. Whilst they field paper candidates all over Wales they often spout little lies like they are the Welsh Greens. Their regional spokesperson, Princess Pippa likes to combine figures from other green parties and incorporate it into their own to make themselves more appealing.

So off I trotted to the Electoral Commission website where you are able to search for registered political parties. Note that it does not allow direct links so if you want to verify anything you will have to use the search page.

There are three green parties for the four UK nations.

Sunday 22 February 2015

Scumbag Labour - 'Cult-like mafia'

Just a few weeks ago a former red Tory quit the party claiming they were nothing more than a 'cult-like mafia'. But let's not focus on what a former red Tory has to say too much when we can instead focus on a current red Tory proving this claim to be correct.

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Monday 16 February 2015

It's all kicking off in Ceredigion

"We live in a democracy and anyone with £500 can stand as a candidate". Those are the words of the regional spokesperson for the Welsh branch of the Englandandwales Green Party. A branch who believe it is better to stand paper candidates all over Wales than send as many anti-austerity MPs to London.

The anti-austerity bloc comprises a loose partnership between the SNP, Plaid and the Englandandwales Greens. A recent spat appears to have emerged in Ceredigion where Plaid and the Greens once teamed up to win the seat back in the 90s.

With the current incumbant being a Lib Dem the election in May represents a great opportunity for Plaid to win another seat. They already hold three and if they can keep these then anything extra in winnable seats like Ceredigion, Ynys Mon and Llanelli is a bonus.

The following is an extract from Pippa's latest whinge where she accuses Plaid leader Leanne Wood of asking, maybe even demanding that they stand down in Ceredigion. I've also added an extract from a twitter exchange between the Plaid candidate, Mike Parker and Princess Pippa.

Ceredig it, oh yeah!
I have archived both extracts here and here. Now asking, or even demanding that the Greens stand down in Ceredigion might be a big deal if the Greens had a hope in hell of winning the seat. In 2010 the Green candidate came last with less than 2% of the vote with Plaid coming second with over 28%. Given how badly the Lib Dems are performing after getting into bed with the blue Tories you'd have to be brave to think they will get anywhere near the same support this time.

I've taken a look at the latest odds in Ceredigion and they are quite bad if you are a Green but quite good if you are Mike Parker the Plaid candidate.

Where's your 'bang on that?' What 'bang on that?' 'This 'bang on that?' - Share via twitter | facebook
So here's what they could do, they could offer the Greens another chance to stand down in Ceredigion on the proviso that Plaid would in turn stand down in Newport West (where Pippa is standing). That's Paul Flynn's fiefdom and since he is currently 1/100 on and both Plaid and the Greens are both 100/1 it's a no brainer. Whilst he is a red Tory he is probably the least awful red Tory here in Wales. The only downside for Pippa is that she will still come last, albeit in a reduced field. But why should they when hopefully Simon and his team can trounce Pippa in her own adopted backyard.

The Welsh branch of the Englandandwales Green Party are clearly more interested in satisfying Pippa's narcissism than in sending anti-austerity MPs to London. The biggest irony of all is that the Greens are the one BritNat party that would actually be better off if they took their orders directly from Green HQ in England.

Princess Pippa's latest cry for attention has been picked up by the EBC where they are accusing Plaid members of 'bulling' the Greens, I presume they mean bullying. For the record I am not a member of any political party but I do believe that an anti-austerity alliance could ensure that the London parties are put in their place. This should also lead you to ask if Pippa and her merry band of paper candidates cannot accept a few words on the internet then what the hell would they be like if the people of Newport West and the rest of Wales actually voted for them.

On her blog she says that "the Greens do not split the vote, the voters do". To me that's reminiscent of the American gun lovers the NRA when they say that "guns don't kill people, people do". Anyway, I wish the Greens in England the best of luck in May but the Greens in Wales are just one person's ego trip and I really hope she and her army of paper candidates lose their £500.

If you wish to follow Mike Parker's campaign in Ceredigion you can do so via his twitter or facebook pages or via the handy plug ins I've added below.

Once again, for those who didn't understand it the first time I said it I am not a member of any political party but I'm all for spreading the anti-austerity message.

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Sunday 15 February 2015

Scumbag Labour - A Fracking Bribe!

Labour have unveiled their latest batch of jam tomorrow. This weeks batch of jam tomorrow is about fracking. Apparently if people are gullible enough to vote for Labour then they will devolve fracking to Wales.

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Friday 13 February 2015

Scumbag Labour - Peter Hain's austerity

Real life troll and supporter of Welsh apartheid, Peter Hain recently sat on his hands and did nothing whilst the rest of his mates in Labour voted for the Tories bill to make an extra £30 billion worth of cuts.

Despite abstaining (a cowards way out) he then started mouthing off about how bad austerity was to anyone in the London controlled Labour supporting media that would listen to him.

But it gets even better, now the scumbag is planning on speaking at an anti-austerity event. It shouldn't suprise you that he has a book coming out. After all he was trying to drum up sales of his Mandela books whilst his friend was on his death bed.

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Sunday 1 February 2015

Terry Jones' Great Map Mystery

Whilst looking up Colwyn Bay's born Monty Python member Terry Jones, I came across his 'Great Map Mystery'. In this four part series he traces the roads shown in John Ogilby's 'Britannia', the world's first road atlas.

The first episode sees Terry travelling on the road to Aberystwyth. Although in the episode we learn it's more likely a road from Aberystwyth as it highlights the silver mines that funded the military of the time.

The show was made by the EBC so you have to expect an Anglicisation of Welsh history. Based on the strength of episode one I have downloaded all four from youtube and will watch them all in due course. In the meantime I will share them here for those, like me, who missed them the first time around.

Wednesday 28 January 2015

Club 93

There are parts of Wales that have had a Labour MP for 93 years since the fall of the Liberals and rise of Labour in 1922. So let's make a list of those unfortunate areas and perhaps highlight them with one of my maps. For a spot of fun, why not have a guess now as to how many there are and see if you're right at the end? Incidentally, my guess was seven.

Our first port of call is wikipedia and the 2010 elections, for out of the forty current constituencies we can eliminate a slack handful right now by just getting rid of the seats that do not have a Labour MP.

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Monday 19 January 2015

Review - Bluestone National Park Resort

In January 2015 we were fortunate enough to be given the chance to stay at Bluestone in Pembrokeshire. For the sake of full disclosure I should point out that the stay was free (I promised to write a review) but I should also point out that this was the second time we had been there. The first occasion was in June / July 2014 so if we hadn't enjoyed the first time we paid to stay I wouldn't have bothered emailing them and blagging the second.

The slate and stone sign as you enter the resort.

Friday 16 January 2015

Did your MP vote against the 'Tory Austerity Bill'?

It's been another interesting week for the Red Tories. On Sunday 11th January Ed Milliband stated that we "we have got a zombie Parliament which isn’t doing anything, isn’t actually passing much legislation".

If his pals in the Blue and Yellow Tories are heading a zombie Parliament then surely this means he is heading a zombie opposition as his party do not actually oppose anything. A few days later they had the perfect opportunity to oppose the 'Charter for Budget Responsibility' which is the fancy name for the 'Tory Austerity Bill' which is an even fancier name for '£30 billion worth of cuts'.

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Sunday 4 January 2015

Englandandwales Green Party - Matt Cooke

With a general election around the corner it's worth pointing out another colonial gang of Brit-centric scumbags, the Englandandwales Green Party.

Here's Matt Cooke, parliamentary candidate for Torfaen who the South Wales Argus announced as the Green 'alternative' back in October 2014.

Matt then tweeted in the early hours of New Years day what can only be described as his resolution for the year. It wasn't to be elected, but to go back home.

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Thursday 1 January 2015

A Union rag on your driving licence?

The recent announcement that the UK Government has decided to put a Union rag on UK driving licences has clearly not been thought through. According to the Daily Post it will “provide road users with a symbolic sign of their national identity”. Regular readers will realise this is in fact nonsense as British is not the national identity of the majority of people in Britain.

How do I know this, well, they told us so via the most recent census'. In 2011 in the census of Englandandwales and the 2011 census of Scotland.

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