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Tuesday 25 August 2015

Scumbag Labour - Waiting Lists

Patients in Wales waiting 36 or more weeks for a hospital appointment has rocketed over the last four years. The EBC has published figures that were obtained by Plaid Cymru but curiously chose to show the data on a map showing where the health boards are.

Personally I wasn't fussed with the EBC's choice of graphic so I decided to see what I could do with the data instead

Some truly frightening figures, no wonder the EBC went with a map instead. Share via twitter | facebook
Chucking numbers on a page makes it hard to visualise the data so a graph is always the best way to go. We are comparing two sets of figures, one from 2011 and the other from 2015 so a bar chart showing both sets of figures is an easy way to highlight the difference.

And since we are showing an increase right across the boards (see what I did there?) we should also add a call out showing exactly what the increase is as a percentage.

The further down the graph we go the more frightening the increases are. With Hywel Dda health board showing an increase of over 1700% for patients waiting 36 weeks or more for an appointment.

I think we've just found one of the sticks that Plaid Cymru will be using to beat Labour with ahead of May's election.

Full table of data as taken from here
You can read more about this on the Plaid Cymru website here.

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The number of patients waiting 36 weeks or more has increased dramatically over the past four years. Hywell Dda has seen...
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