"The arms that you wield now are not such as your forefathers wielded; but they are infinitely more effective, and infinitely more irresistable" ~ Cymru Fydd leaflet, 1890

Monday 26 May 2014

EU Election Results 2014

By now everyone should know that Wales has decided to send an English immigrant that hates immigrants and a Tory that lives in England to represent Wales in the EU. As well as those two we've also chosen one Labour and one Plaid Cymru. Wales, as a region of England, only has four MEPs. If Wales were an independent state then it's likely we'd have around 12 based on the fact we have roughly the same population as Lithuania.

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Monday 12 May 2014

Reasons to be ABE (World Cup 2014 edition).

With the World Cup approaching I thought I'd make a list of reasons why we should be ABE. In case you aren't aware ABE stands for Anyone But England. I will be updating this page as and when I feel things should be included.

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Monday 5 May 2014

Scumbag Labour - Margaret Curran

Labour have a long history of offering us 'Jam Tomorrow', a never ending stream of false promises in order for us to do their dirty work for them. Leanne Wood was recently in Scotland giving a talk about 'Jam Tomorrow' so I guess it is only fitting for a RedTory MP from Scotland to then be given the full support of the EBC propaganda machine to be able to promise us here in Wales some more 'Jam Tomorrow'.

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