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Wednesday 22 July 2015

Scumbag Labour - Scaredy Kinnock

Regular readers might remember that I congratulated Stephen Kinnock on becoming Aberavon's next MP back in March 2014, well over a year before he was actually elected, such is the predictability of the voters in the Labour owned valleys.

His recent abstention against the Tory cuts came as no real shock as Labour have form for not actually opposing anything unless it is something put forward by either Plaid or the SNP. But it is the manner of his excuse that I find quite worrying,

Proud to abstain for Aberavon
What follows is a direct quote from his blog.
I understand the gravity of the situation and am deeply committed to improving the lives of all my constituents. However, the fact is that I will only be able to achieve that aim if I am an MP within a party of government rather than in a party of permanent opposition. The true betrayal of my constituents would be if we fail to return a Labour Government to power in 2020. That should be the principle that drives everything we say and do as an opposition over the next five years. 
George Osborne set a trap for Labour with this Bill, where we would have been branded the party that is 'for welfare and against working people', opposed to the increase in the National Minimum Wage and being “out of control” on welfare spending. We must now beat the Chancellor at his own game. We have to box clever. - Son of Kinnockio
It's quite frightening just how many things he has just said that should be setting alarm bells ringing all over the UK let alone Aberavon. He starts off by declaring he'll take a bullet for his constituents or something like that before quickly saying he can't really do anything for them until 2020 at the earliest. And it is this blue carrot, dangling infront of these Labour donkeys, that will drive them whilst in opposition.

He then tells us that George Osbourne set a trap, He's cunning that George is, he didn't want to punish the poor he actually wanted Labour to stand up for the poor in order to be able to accuse Labour of being a party that stands up for the poor and stands against working people. You couldn't make this stuff up. Perhaps Stevie doesn't realise that there are millions of people who are classed being in poverty despite working, but sod them, right Stevie?

He then says that they have to beat the Chancellor at his own game. I'm not being funny here Stevie, but so far George Osbourne's game has been to demonise the disabled and the poor because he knows that there is no one out there that is prepared to stand up for them. Apart, of course from the SNP and Plaid but without Labour's help they can never defeat the Tories. All the money he saves from punishing the poor he can invest in his other game, helping out the people who are already doing quite well.

He then continues to say that they lost the election because the majority of people didn't trust them, that's not strictly true at all. As shown by Wings over Scotland there were far more people who didn't vote at the last election than voted for any of the parties. This section of the electorate don't trust any party, let alone Labour.

16 million people failed to vote in May, what are the chances of them voting in 2020 if there is even less separating the London parties than there was in 2015? Perhaps Labour should be finding out why these 16 million people didn't vote instead of simply trying to pinch some of the 11 million Tory voters.
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Stephen Kinnock is more concerned with what the Tories and their voters think than with what the people who voted for...
Posted by Welsh not British on Wednesday, 22 July 2015

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