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Sunday 26 July 2015

Scumbag Labour - Kevin Brennan

If I had to compile a list of reasons why I detest Labour then quite high on the list would be the sheer audacity and contempt for which they have for the people that voted for them. And one such example of this contempt has been demonstrated quite brilliantly this week by Cardiff West's Labour MP Kevin Brennan.

Kevin Brennan voted for £30 billion of Tory austerity cuts back in January. He was re-elected in May and was one of the gutless MPs who recently abstained on the Tories Welfare and Work Reform Bill.

Repeat after me, abstaining is opposing.
Since abstaining Kevin has distributed a leaflet to his constituents thanking them for their vote and promising to oppose Tory cuts. The excerpt from the leaflet reads as follows.
Thank you for voting me back as your MP. I will oppose the Conservative Government's austerity cuts. Their cuts and changes to the welfare system just make sure that the super rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
Note how he says he would oppose the austerity cuts, these would be austerity cuts that he has previously voted for. He then mentions how they only benefit the 'super rich' at the expense of the poor. I do wonder why he has used the words 'super rich' as opposed to the rich. Perhaps its because he doesn't want to alienate any potential voters who are rich, quite rich or very rich.

On Kevin's blog he outlines his reasons for abstaining and to be honest it reads much the same as Stephen Kinnock's reasons. He tries to justify his lack of opposition by saying abstaining was in fact opposing, it's like some sort of logic puzzle. As with Kinnock he also mentions how much he likes certain aspects of the reform bill which is why they wanted to let the bill pass. Now I'm a bit confused because one minute abstaining was actually opposing the bill and the next minute it's their way of allowing it to pass.

Their strategy is to allow the bill to pass because they like some of the welfare cuts but then to vote against the cuts that they don't like. One crazy idea would be for them to have actually voted against the bill in the first place and then, if they had managed to defeat it, demand that the bits they do not like are taken out. I know, what a crazy idea it is. Kevin's plan is obviously superior, abstain against the vote and then distribute leaflets to your voters telling them that you are opposing the Tories.

Thanks to Neil McEvoy for the leaflet picture.

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How much contempt would you have to have for your voters to distribute leaflets promising to oppose Tory cuts and...
Posted by Welsh not British on Sunday, 26 July 2015

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