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Friday 16 January 2015

Did your MP vote against the 'Tory Austerity Bill'?

It's been another interesting week for the Red Tories. On Sunday 11th January Ed Milliband stated that we "we have got a zombie Parliament which isn’t doing anything, isn’t actually passing much legislation".

If his pals in the Blue and Yellow Tories are heading a zombie Parliament then surely this means he is heading a zombie opposition as his party do not actually oppose anything. A few days later they had the perfect opportunity to oppose the 'Charter for Budget Responsibility' which is the fancy name for the 'Tory Austerity Bill' which is an even fancier name for '£30 billion worth of cuts'.

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But it gets worse, if you look at the transcripts for the bill on 'they work for you' you will see that George Osborne (Tory Chancellor) opens the bill with the following statement.

"The charter sets out the next steps we take to turn Britain around and ensure that the mistakes of the past are not repeated. People will remember the fiscal crisis facing this country five years ago: a deficit that stood at more than 10% of our national income; a Government borrowing £1 in every £4 they spent; a Treasury whose departing Chief Secretary left a note saying simply that there was no money left; a country described by international bond investors as sitting on the financial equivalent of a bed of nitro-glycerine; and a British economy whose ability to pay its way was questioned in the world. That was the appalling inheritance left to us by the last Labour Government." - George Osborne.

Ed Milliband, leader of the Red Tories, who are meant to be the opposition and are hoping to be leading the next UK government in just a few months time then proceded to say nothing at all in the debate before he and the vast majority of his Red Tory scumbags voted for a further £30 billion worth of cuts.

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