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Sunday 4 January 2015

Englandandwales Green Party - Matt Cooke

With a general election around the corner it's worth pointing out another colonial gang of Brit-centric scumbags, the Englandandwales Green Party.

Here's Matt Cooke, parliamentary candidate for Torfaen who the South Wales Argus announced as the Green 'alternative' back in October 2014.

Matt then tweeted in the early hours of New Years day what can only be described as his resolution for the year. It wasn't to be elected, but to go back home.

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I spotted the post thanks to @greengranma on twitter and have archived the original tweet here. Poor Matt is clearly home sick and if it wasn't for the minor detail that he is meant to be contesting a general election in May he might go back to Brighton sooner. We should respect Matt's wishes and allow him to return home. As unlikely as it is that Matt could ever be elected in a seat that has voted Labour since 1918 (first as Pontypool and then later as Torfaen) the people of Torfaen should accept that Matt doesn't want to live there and should not receive any votes at all.
Torfaen, like so many other places across Cymru, has been failed by the very people who live there as they continue to vote for the Red Tories. They need an alternative, what that alternative is in Torfaen is up to them but what it isn't is clearly someone who has more or less outed himself as a paper candidate.

Edit - 05/01/15

This story has since been picked up by the Fails Online, in their article we learn the following.

When his (UKIP) selection to stand in Torfaen was announced last October, he said: “I felt compelled to join the Green Party as I felt I had to do something to counter the alarming rise of Ukip".

So just to clarify, UKIP announced their candidate in October, that same month Matt not only joined the Englandandwales Green Party but is selected as their (paper) candidate fpr the upcoming general election.

I'm a fair guy, so I'll let Torfaen's paper candidate for the Englandandwales Green Party have the final word. Despite blocking me on twitter I've managed to use the cunning method known as 'logging out'.

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