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Wednesday 13 May 2015

Scumbag Labour - iPeter

Millions of tax payers breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced back in June 2014 that serial trough guzzler Peter Hain was to stand down from his safe Neath seat at the elections of May 2015.

It has now been revealed that sometime in September, just before a ban was imposed on capital purchases, Labour's Peter Hain bought himself a new iPad, iPhone and a new PC. He then proceeded to claim these items back. The total for these items is an eye watering £1,907.90.

He may be gone but he will ensure that he is never forgotten
I should point out that Peter hasn't broken any rules. But if there was anyone out there who was still on the fence over Peter's integrity then surely this should help sway them.

We can only guess at which models we treated Peter to but we probably bought Peter a top of the range iPad so that's over £500. There's no way we would have scrimped when getting him a phone so we probably spent another £500 on a sim-free iPhone. That means we then spent the remaining £900 on a PC. But if we had just spent a grand on Peter's new iPad and new iPhone (and we did) the least we could do is spend £900 on a new MacBook rather than a PC.

Incidentally I've also just had a new PC. It cost me £150, but then I was paying for it myself and I don't have a job that pays £65K plus expenses. Thankfully, neither does Peter anymore.

Peter reckons that the designer gadgets we treated him to were to replace broken equipment, there's no reason to doubt Peter but it's very unfortunate that he managed to break a tablet, phone and PC at the same time. IPSA, the watchdog for this sort of thing, has recommended that Peter and the rest of the trough guzzlers who we treated to new gadgets should donate them to charity, their successor or another MP. We wont hold our breath, but if we did I'm sure there's an app for that.

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He may have retired but he still makes the news.http://www.welshnotbritish.com/2015/05/scumbag-labour-ipeter.html
Posted by Welsh not British on Wednesday, 13 May 2015

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