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Sunday 3 May 2015

Scumbag Labour - Definitions

I appear to have upset some members of the Welsh branch of London Labour. Not only do they object to being called scumbags but they also object to being called Red Tories.

Here I will explain why I describe them as scumbag Red Tories and why this is appropriate.

The scumbag comes from the Scumbag Steve meme. Originally the picture featured Blake Boston wearing the now infamous sideways checkered cap that would go on to become a meme of its own. In its most basic form the meme follows the following pattern. Says something, does opposite.

Thankfully my skills have improved a bit since then.
Here is an example of one of the very first scumbag posts I did entitled 'Scumbag Labour - Post Offices'. Thankfully my graphics skills, whilst still limited, have improved since then. The post depicts how Labour closed Post Offices when they were in power and then campaigned to save them when in opposition. I don't think anyone will be in any doubt that this behaviour fits perfectly within the definitions of the original meme.

The article mentions former MP Peter Hain but I also could have included other Red Tories such as Albert Owen of Ynys Môn or Llanelli's Nia Griffith as they exhibited similar behaviour.

Definition from here
The Cambridge Dictionaries Online would also tell you that their definition of a scumbag is a very unpleasant person who has done something dishonest or unacceptable.

To date I have made dozens of posts calling Labour out for their scumbag behaviour, you can find them all with the scumbag tag I use to group similar posts so feel free to look through them in order to make your own mind up whether or not the description of scumbag is merited or not.

As for the Red Tories description, well that is a far easier one to describe and I have created a simple Venn diagram in order to highlight why Labour are commonly known as Red Tories.

As I said, it's quite simple but for the hard of understanding and the members of the Welsh branch of London Labour I will explain it. In the left circle we have 'votes for Tory austerity' and in the right circle we have 'wears a red rosette'. In the middle we have a cross-over depicting people who wear a red rosette AND vote for Tory austerity. It is these people who are the Red Tories.

People like Llanelli's Nia Griffith for example.

It wasn't only Nia who voted for Tory austerity, many more of her fellow Red Tories did too. This graphic depicts how Nia, who wears a red rosette voted for Tory austerity. That means she is a Red Tory.

The graphic also mentions how, on her blog, she commented that "Llanelli simply cannot afford another five years of Tory Government". And the sheer audacity and hypocrisy of this comment, written after she had voted for another £30 billion of Tory austerity is what makes her a scumbag. I don't make the definitions here, I am just using already pre-defined definitions to describe elected politicians that fit those definitions. There is absolutely no doubt that someone who did what Nia has done would, quite rightly, be described as a very unpleasant person who has done something dishonest or unacceptable.

We're about to have a general election, and whether or not some of the politicians I have mentioned are still holding court after the election is up to the people. If they want to elect scumbags then scumbags they shall have. But I will not change my descriptions of them just because the people who support these scumbags are so distanced from reality that they can not accept how far from their origins the Labour party has become. We're seeing it in Scotland and hopefully we are starting to see it in Wales. People on the left do not leave Labour, Labour leaves them.

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Some members of the Welsh branch of London Labour have taken objection to me using the word 'scumbag' to describe...
Posted by Welsh not British on Sunday, 3 May 2015

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