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Sunday 15 February 2015

Scumbag Labour - A Fracking Bribe!

Labour have unveiled their latest batch of jam tomorrow. This weeks batch of jam tomorrow is about fracking. Apparently if people are gullible enough to vote for Labour then they will devolve fracking to Wales.

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Let's just rewind a couple of weeks first to look at the recent 'Infrastructure Bill' aka 'The Fracking Moratorium' and see what happened, who knows perhaps there's something there that might show Labour up for the devious two-faced charlatans that regular readers will expect.

Above we see some screenshots mashed together showing how the cowardly Labourites decided to abstain on a bill that could have banned fracking. Even if it was just a temporary ban it would still be a ban and a symbol of their opposition to fracking.

Just two Welsh Labour MPs decided to vote in favour of the ban. Martin Caton represents one of Wales' most scenic constituencies (Gower) and also has the prospect of underground coal gassification one side of him in the Loughor Estuary and fracking the other.

Paul Flynn on the other hand might just be taking the threat of the spokesperson for the Welsh regional branch of the Englandandwales Green Party seriously as Pippa is standing against him in Newport West. Although since Flynn is 1/100 on and Pippa is 100/1 that doesn't look likely.

So this recent turn up does lead me to ponder the following.
  • Did Labour abstain against banning fracking on the basis that they knew they would be announcing their jam tomorrow promise of devolving powers over fracking to Wales just a couple of weeks later?
  • If Wales, Scotland and Cornwall (do you honestly expect Carlo to allow fracking in his precious fiefdom?) can ban fracking then this means that England will be the only place on this island where fracking will be able to go ahead. Do Labour really think it is a good idea to screw their voters in England over just to score some points in Wales?
  • Since Labour do not want 'The Crown Estate' devolved this means that any devolved powers will only be for onshore fracking and not for any fracking that is offshore.
  • As all hydrocarbons are owned by The Crown, how will devolving fracking work when the very items they want to be 'fracked' are the property of the UK government?
Some readers might also be wondering about the recent Plaid led bill in the Senedd where Labour backed their bill to ban fracking in Wales. But as we know from Labour's former Secretary of State Jack Straw that 'power devolved is power retained'. And we also have recently had a fracking firm mock the Welsh Government's inability to stop them.

And then we have the claim that both the GMB and Unite unions put pressure on Labour to not ban fracking.

All in all this is quite a positive turn up, should the English be stupid enough to give us a Labour government then either Wales will have fracking devolved or it'll be another Labour lie. If it is devolved it'll either turn out to be meaningless when they start drilling under our sea bed or it'll also have extra powers to stop this. And most importantly if all this happens it will either lead to England also banning fracking or it will piss off the English massively. But like all promises of jam tomorrow we have to remember why it is the freshest jam and that is because it is only available tomorrow and never today.

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