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Sunday 22 February 2015

Scumbag Labour - 'Cult-like mafia'

Just a few weeks ago a former red Tory quit the party claiming they were nothing more than a 'cult-like mafia'. But let's not focus on what a former red Tory has to say too much when we can instead focus on a current red Tory proving this claim to be correct.

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To summarise the story, in Cardiff the opposition parties got together and proposed an alternative budget which would have led to many services and jobs being saved. The red Tories who run the council suddenly got in a bit of a panic because they worried that some of their own might vote against the red Tory cuts in an audacious bid to help protect services and jobs instead of cutting them.

With an election just around the corner they can't have red Tory councillors trying to protect services and jobs when their tried and tested mantra of 'sending a message to London' or 'a vote for anyone but Labour is a vote for the (blue) Tories' is about to be unleashed. (Link).
Cardiff Labour councillors thinking of rebelling against cuts have been warned they could damage the party's general election prospects.

BBC Wales has seen an email from Labour group whip Garry Hunt warning potential rebels of disciplinary action.

"Non-adherence to the whip in a budget vote which threaten the passing of a budget is likely to lead to significant suspension from the group," it said
So the chief bully boy of the red Tory group sent an email which the EBC got their hands on and it showed he not only threatened to have them suspended from the cult-like mafia party but also used emotional blackmail suggesting that they will damage the parties campaigning in the upcoming campaign.

I've often wondered why certain red Tories can be so against the party policy and yet remain a member. Easy examples include the opposition to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. Strangely the members who were so loud in their opposition are still members. Recently we've had faux outrage from some over the austerity cuts that the red Tories supported, yet the members who were so loud in their opposition are still members.

Even if Labour were a 'cult-like mafia' and let's just say for the sake of argument that they are. The problem is not the people at the top telling those below to jump, it is those below who might not want to jump this time and make a lot of noise but will be there next time for the next order. These people are so spineless that in many ways they are worse than those who follow orders without question as they know being a red Tory is wrong but they do it anyway. The only conclusion I can make is that they put their own electoral success ahead of their own morality.

And this conclusion appears to have been backed up by the red Tories in Cardiff when they say the following. (Link).
"Peter has asked [Welsh Labour General Secretary] Dave Hagendyck to co-author a letter to all current Labour councillors reminding them that any unwise actions on their part could lead to problems with them being re-selected for the 2017 elections."
Does that sound like a 'cult-like mafia'?

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