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Friday 6 March 2015

There is no Welsh Green Party

One popular lie told in Wales by the parties that are ruled from London is that they like to add the word Wales or Welsh into their branding in order to try and make people thing they are actually a Welsh party.

One party that likes to do this is the Green Party of Englandandwales. Whilst they field paper candidates all over Wales they often spout little lies like they are the Welsh Greens. Their regional spokesperson, Princess Pippa likes to combine figures from other green parties and incorporate it into their own to make themselves more appealing.

So off I trotted to the Electoral Commission website where you are able to search for registered political parties. Note that it does not allow direct links so if you want to verify anything you will have to use the search page.

There are three green parties for the four UK nations.
The obvious keyword here is 'green' and that returned 11 hits, three of which are registered in some form as a 'Green Party', we can ignore the hyperlocals. The first one is PP63. This is the Green Party of Englandandwales which is based in London. For the sake of simplicity (all to do with the layers, mush) I have highlighted Scotland in both graphics for the green parties registered in 'Great Britain'. In the graphic for Englandandwales it shows that the party is based in London and fields candidates in both England and Wales.

The first is the London based Englandandwales Green Party
The second is PP305 which is the Green Party in Northern Ireland which is based in Bangor, County Down. This graphic doesn't show where the candidates are fielded because they are registered solely in Northern Irelandand that is the only place parties solely registered there can stand.

The seconds is the separate Green Party in Northern Ireland

And finally the third one is PP130 which is the Scottish Greens. Have a guess where they are based? Yep, Edinburgh. The graphic clearly shows they only field candidates in Scotland. They do not field candidates in England and they do not field candidates in Wales.

And the third is the Scottish Greens
The next time you see the Green Party of Wales or whatever branding they are using this week then you will know it is bullshit. The next time you see one of the greens boasting about membership levels whilst including figures from Scotland and the six counties you will know it is bullshit.

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