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Saturday 7 March 2015

Scumbag Labour - Tony Blair's Blood Money

You all remember Tony Blair, the man who should be standing trial for war crimes but is instead jetting around the world giving speeches in exchange for oodles of cash? Of course you do. Well he has decided to donate some of his blood money to 106 'lucky' candidates around the UK. And thanks to LabourList I can show you exactly who the receipents in Wales are. And yes, one of my funky maps would be a great way of highlighting who Blair has bought off. But first here's the list of seats in Wales and Scotland who are getting Blair's bonus.

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Let's have a look at who the candidates are then.

For Aberconwy the Labour candidate is Mary Wimbury.
For Arfon the Labour candidate is Alan Pugh
The Cardiff Central Labour candidate is Jo Stevens
The Cardiff North Labour candidate is Mari Williams
The Carms East and Dinefwr Labour candidate is lying scumbag Calum Higgins
The Carms West and S Pembs Labour candidate is Delyth Evans
The Preseli Pembrokeshire Labour candidate is Paul Miller
The Vale of Glamorgan Labour candidate is Chris Elsmore

And here's how this looks as a map.

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And in case you don't know what they all look like, here's the Blairy Bunch in all their glory. Of course, if any of these candidates decided to do the decent thing and hand the 'blood money' back to Tony then I will gladly update the page to show this. I have tweeted every single one of these candidates in order to ask them if they have given the money back. If they reply I will add the tweets below.

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The Blairy Bunch, the Blairy Bunch.
That's the way they all became the Blairy Bunch.

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