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Friday 26 September 2014

Did your MP vote against a war in Iraq (2014 edition)

It was only a matter of time before the final part of the re-imagined Gulf War trilogy was put into production. And since Scotland's independence referendum is now over with the war monger British Nationalists don't have to worry about upsetting them.

Friday 26th September was when Parliament was recalled so that MPs could play war once more. Out of Wales' 40 MPs, just five voted against. Some simply couldn't be bothered to turn up.

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Of the five, three of them were from the 'Labour' Party with just two Plaid Cymru MPs turning up. The three Labourites were from a pool of just 22 MPs from 'Welsh' Labour, 'Scottish' Labour and 'UK' Labour to rebel against Blair's legacy.

The five from Wales were as follows.

Jonathan Edwards (Carmarthen East and Dinefwr / Plaid)
Hywel Williams (Arfon / Plaid)
Sian James (Swansea East / RedTories)
Paul Flynn (Newport West / RedTories)
Martin Caton (Gower / RedTories)

As soon as a complete list showing who didn't turn up and who voted for another war is published I shall update the page. The map, as is customary for the page is complete. The importance is always placed on those who could be bothered to turn up for work and do their duty for Wales.

The final vote tally read 524 votes for another war with Iraq and just 43 against. The reality is that it wouldn't have mattered if all of Wales' 40 MPs voted against it still would have been passed by a majority of 446.

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