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Tuesday 16 September 2014

Scumbag Labour - Carwyn's Jam

There's plenty of 'jam tomorrow' flying about as the unionists panic that Scotland will leave the UK. There's so much that there is even some left over for us down in Wales. Wales' lord and master Carwyn Jones has told us that his lord and master, Ed Milliband, has told him that he is going to sort out the Barnett formula which sees Wales under funded by around £300 million every year.

The more alert amongst us might already see the fatal flaws in this plan and will, like I have done, assume it's just jam tomorrow. But let's go through it anyway.

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Let's start with the obvious fact that Labour were running the UK from 1997 to 2010 and have been running Wales since devolution began in 1999. In that time Labour did nothing to sort out the Barnett formula. But that's too easy.

We could go down the route that Labour are unlikely to win the next general election which means that Ed Milliband is unlikely to be the next Prime Minister. In a few days time once Scotland has voted we'll know just how unlikely that is but let's just pretend for a moment that Labour are a shoo-in for the next general election and they won't have to do any coalition deals.

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Back in the summer of 2011 after Wales had voted to give ourselves more powers Carwyn wen't on TV and pointed out the exploitation of Wales' natural resources with no benefit to Wales or its people.

The following January, Plaid MP Jonathan Edwards brought a bill to Parliament calling for Energy and The Crown Estates to be devolved. This would have meant that this exploitation would have stopped.

The result? Carwyn's buddies in Labour, including 25 Labour MPs who claim to represent Welsh constituencies didn't support it. So the colonial exploitation continued.

Let's look at something else. Carwyn bought Cardiff Airport on behalf of the people of Wales, it's nice to have an airport as an asset. But what would be nicer is if we could make it really successful. One way of doing this would be to devolve Air Passenger Duty. Now Carwyn would love to have APD devolved.

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And then guess what happened? That's right, all those MPs who are supposed to be representing the people of Wales decided that Wales shouldn't have these powers at all and they opposed them.

So what needs to happen in order for Carwyn's jam tomorrow to become jam today? Firstly Ed Milliband would need to still be leading Labour. Secondly the people of England would need to vote in a Labour government to run the UK. Third is that they would either need a majority or the backing of whichever party propped them up in a coalition. Fourth is that they would need the backing of English Labour MPs. Fifth and most important as it is now so rare that it's laughable to suggest it happening, Wales' Labour MPs would need to vote for something that benefits Wales.

Carwyn knows all this but he doesn't think we do and he certainly knows that the pathetic excuse we have for journalism here in Wales wont pick him up on it. Carwyn knows only an absolute idiot would believe the promises of jam tomorrow which is handy because that's exactly who votes for Labour.

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