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Thursday 3 December 2015

Did your MP vote against bombing Syria?

What a difference a year makes. In September 2014 the London parties were desperate to vote for another war in Iraq and Labour MPs were ordered to vote in favour of bombing Iraq. In December 2015 Labour's new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, had no choice but to allow his MPs to have a free vote because he was naive enough to fill his shadow cabinet with so many war mongers. We should keep this in mind before back slapping all those Labour MPs who voted against bombing Syria.

Since war is such an exciting subject the EBC's David Cornock has actually provided a full list of all of Wales' MPs and how they voted.

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The vote breaks down quite simply. All three Plaid Cymru MPs voted against. The Lib Dems sole MP rebelled against his war loving party. All 11 Tory MPs voted for war with all but five of Labour's 25 MPs deciding that whilst they loved bombing Iraq, Syria was a step too far. Ann Clwyd didn't turn up, she's been in the hospital with pneumonia but she was well enough to tweet the following.

Hilary Benn is currently the toast of the right wing media due to a speech he gave in favour of bombing Syria. The speech was so good that it led to outbreaks of clapping from war mongers on both sides of the floor. Apparently Ann is jumping all over that bandwagon.

So that leaves four war mongers from Labour and they are as follows.
  • Stephen Doughty (Cardiff South and Penarth
  • Chris Bryant (Rhondda)
  • Wayne David (Caerphilly)
  • Susan Elan Jones (Clwyd South)
On the whole Wales voted against bombing Syria by 24 votes to 15. That works out as over 61% against. All of Scotland's SNP MPs voted against which means that it's the votes of English MPs that have dragged Wales and Scotland into war. Clearly they may as well bring in English votes for English wars.

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