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Sunday 17 November 2013

Give what you can

Children in Need has been and gone once more and with it the nauseating spectacle of millionaires telling the poor people at home to give what they can. This is now even more pronounced with Comic and Sport Relief. But this year something new was added to the mix. Instead of just having millionaires telling us to give what we can we had millionaire tax dodgers telling us to give what we can.

I saw this picture on facebook, I do not know who made it originally but it featured millionaire tax dodger Gary Barlow telling us to give what we can in order to keep a children's hospice up and running.
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As I have said I don't know who created this picture, most people should realise it wasn't me due to the inclusion of the OBE after his name. Although in hindsight I suspect this has added to the impact of the graphic.

Gary Barlow hasn't broken any laws. He used tax loopholes in order to retain more of his personal wealth. But the morality of this aggressive tax evasion is what upsets people. Especially when these tax dodgers are then in our faces telling us to give what we can in order to keep open a children's hospice.

Gary Barlow has a new solo album due out on the 25th November, he has a personal net worth of around £50 million and yet he still used aggressive tax dodging loop holes.

If I had made this picture, I would have included a scumbag hat.

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