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Sunday 3 November 2013

Peter Hain on the gravy train

Dear Wales, please spare a thought for the people of Neath, some of these people are so poor that they will risk freezing to death this winter as they opt to eat rather than heat their homes. For according to Peter Hain, Labour MP for the constituency they cannot do both.
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Peter Hain has his own facebook group called "Neath Voice". He recently posted to the group to remind his constituents that he would be appearing on the Wales Report with Huw Edwards. Here is a link to Peter's heart wrenching speech on the iplayer. As part of his speech he stated the following.

"My constituents, some of them can't heat their homes anymore because otherwise they wouldn't be able to feed themselves."

So then it was a huge shock to see the Sunday Mirror reveal that Mr Hain claimed an eye watering £4571.74 for Electicity (and other fuel).
The colours represent claims not the colour of their rosettes (report here)
According to the article the reason Peter's claim was so much was simply down to the fact that he has to rely on "expensive oil". Of course he had no choice, he couldn't possibly move to a house that had access to gas, could he.

Peter did post on his facebook group in order to address the complaints of his angry constituents.
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"In response to postings about my claims unless you want only very rich MPs in Parliament able to finance both a London and constituency home its right that basic bills all properly receipted according to struct rules can be claimed. My accommodation costs are lower than most but I have to rely on oil like many others living in our valleys. Its very expensive. Labour has been campaigning against sky high energy bills and is committed to a price freeze if we win the next election."

That would be fine if it wasn't for the simple fact that two of his Labour colleagues from Swansea both claimed NOTHING.

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