"The arms that you wield now are not such as your forefathers wielded; but they are infinitely more effective, and infinitely more irresistable" ~ Cymru Fydd leaflet, 1890

Thursday 28 July 2016

Take me to your leader - 2016 edition.

Back when Labour held their leadership election last year I ran a comparison of the four horsepeople of the apocalypse that were standing. As a lot of Labour MPs clearly didn't like the results of last years contest, and because it's quite easy to do, here's the updated version featuring this years entrants.

There are no shocks contained within this image.
I've done enough of these now to have not expected anything different. We know that the only thing Labour are interested in is borrowing money, which is why the only time you'll see them turn up to vote is when it's about that.

Jeremy Corbyn is a London Labour MP so we should fully expect him to not give a toss about anything outside of London, let alone outside of England. Owen Smith is an MP for a constituency in Wales so we should fully expect him to at least turn up to debates discussing Wales. Clearly this is far too much trouble for Owen.

Providing Corbyn whips the stalking horse, I fully expect to do another one of these posts next year.

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