"The arms that you wield now are not such as your forefathers wielded; but they are infinitely more effective, and infinitely more irresistable" ~ Cymru Fydd leaflet, 1890

Sunday 6 January 2013

Pro-Wales v Anti-Wales

I created this flow chart which I believe fully explains why Wales needs to be free from colonial rule. It also demonstrates how you cannot be both Pro-Wales and Pro-UK. For the latter to work then you need the full control of the extraction of resources from the colonies. Since Wales is a colony that means if you are pro-UK then you support the colonisation of Wales which makes you anti-Wales.

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Take the test yourself. Share it with people and ask them to take it. Shove it in the face of all the 80 minute patriots during the six nations and all those people who write "Cymru am byth" on every picture of a dragon or daffodil they come across on the internetz.

Do the test on behalf of our politicians, feel free to post the results and your reasoning in the comments. As an example let's put ourselves in our First Ministers shoes and see what result we come up with.

Carwyn Jones. He's always banging the drum for Britain and the UK. And as First Minister he could quite easily lead Wales to freedom just as Alex Salmond is doing in Scotland. But he doesn't, this means he is against independence so that's the first red arrow for him. He complains about our resources being exploited so either he's a liar or that's another red arrow which takes him back to the first question. Carwyn also says that he will never do anything that negatively affects the rest of the UK. So around and around we go. Always complaining that Wales gets a bum deal but never doing anything about it. Either that or he doesn't have the balls to admit that he believes Wales deserves it's colonial status.

Carwyn Jones (and Labour in Wales) are the stereotypical man in the driving seat who refuses to stop and ask for directions even though they are completely lost. He can see a sign showing him the way to go but it's a new road, and new roads scare him. So around and around he goes, desperately trying to find the old road he knows even though it's never taken him where he wants to go.

Taken from BrainQuotes.com
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A wise old Jedi once said, "who's the bigger fool - the fool, or the fool who follows him?" So come on Wales, stop following fools.


  1. The great majority of Welsh people don't want independance, so you might as well accept it, or you can carry on pissing against the wind. PS. We live in a democracy.

  2. I don't think Stuart has to accept it. We do live in a democracy, which means he can campaign to try and convince people to support an independent Wales.

    I do think he completely misses the point though. People want the best life for themselves and their family, and usually also their local area. There simply isn't a case to be made that people would become wealthier or feel more secure if Wales was an independent state. The reasons are mainly financial.

    Ironically, most people in Wales, especially the Welsh born, would like to be "de facto" independent or self-governing like an American or Canadian state, but without the part where they leave the UK as a whole. But this is lost if the debate is boiled down to being pro-independence or anti-independence. There has to be a middle option, because that's where most Welsh people are.

  3. So the people who disagree with you are "politically ignorant, disillusioned or both"?

  4. Stuart, it's an essential point in the argument, absolutely, and one which is usually rejected out of hand on principle by many otherwise 'proud' Welsh folk, such is the current psychological state of mind, i.e. timidity! And the reluctance of Westminster to devolve control of energy and water speaks volumes. Slowly however, there does seem to be a gradual awakening.

    The chart's great, but I think it would make more of an immediate impact if there was a 'Yes' within the green arrows and a 'No' within the red arrows. I didn't peg straight away that it's green for go and red for no.

  5. if you dont want welsh independence your family is prob english but you think just because your born in wales makes you welsh "if a dogs born in a stable does that make it a horse"? if you dont like the idea of welsh independence the fuck off and let us all wish that oneday wales will be free.

  6. As a Scot, I don't think the prospect of Welsh independence is realistic. 300 years ago, the common folk of Scotland rioted at the passing of the Act of Union by the Scottish parliament. At this time, Wales had already been part of the Kingdom of England for over 150 years and under its yoke for far longer still. Today, it is proving a challenge to convince even half of the people of Scotland that independence is not only viable, but necessary. Having had the weight of the English boot upon your throats for so long, I am dubious as to whether you have the same solid foundation of identity and historical memory of self-government to build upon. I wish you all the best in your struggle, but I think the best you can hope for is to become a fully autonomous region of England.

    1. Whilst polls in Wales have always shown a lower percentage wanting full independence they do also show that the majority of us want more powers. People will/are gradually realising that they wont get this via Labour. We also need Plaid to wake up.

      We do have a race against time though as the unionists are desperately trying to dilute us by importing people from across the border.

      I'm not naive enough to believe that Scottish independence will automatically create a new wave of support here in Wales. But, I do believe when people see just how better off Scotland is they will start to get jealous.