"The arms that you wield now are not such as your forefathers wielded; but they are infinitely more effective, and infinitely more irresistable" ~ Cymru Fydd leaflet, 1890

Saturday 16 February 2013

Plaids new constitution

Plaid Cymru is having a meet up to discuss a new constitution. Although if you read the BBC article it sounds more like crisis talks.

IWJ after making Plaid less loved in Wales than the Tories

So that's what Ieuan Wyn Jones said back in 2011 after Plaid came in 3rd place in the Senedd elections. The Party of Wales is now even less loved in Wales than the Tories, a frightening prospect for all of us.

The full Plaid article is here. Which explains that this "restructuring" is a way of giving the members a better say in the way Plaid is run.

This is what Plaid Cymru Chair, Helen Mary Jones says on the subject.

I firmly believe that these changes will strengthen our party and transform our structures to enable us to become the campaigning organisation we want and need to be. Our intention is to win the trust of the people of Wales and to lead our nation – these proposals will transform the way we take our message to communities the length and breadth of Wales. Unlike other parties, Plaid Cymru continues to uphold and value the role of all its members in deciding party policy and direction. I am particularly proud of the proposal that would allow all party members to be able to participate fully in our National Conference.
 I've come up with a few suggestions of my own. And here they are.

1. Listen to the people of Wales who vote for you and want to support you and not the British immigrants who will never support you and never vote for you. Speak to the people who have left and ask them "how have we failed you?".
Helen Mary Jones was elected as Chair in November 2011. Months after losing Llanelli to Labour by 80 votes. In 3rd place with over 2000 votes was an independent former Plaid candidate.

Or how about Llais Gwynedd who formed after Plaid members disagreed with Plaid wanting to close primary schools. These are just two examples from many across Wales. Where Plaid has lost members and supporters because they do not listen to them.

2. Make everything "Pro-Wales v Anti-Wales".

I've commented on this before. I've even suggested it directly to the leader of Plaid and was met with a derisory comment that negative politics turn people off. There are Plaid councillors across Wales that know they are at war with Labour. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to go toe to toe with Labour everyday and then see their superiors in the Senedd bend over for Labour.

Plaid only see things in Left v Right. Plaid needs to realise that there are left wing, right wing, gay, straight, Welsh, English, Welsh speaking, English speaking, black, white, brown, young, old people who support Welsh nationalism just as there are members of those sub groups who are raging BritNat colonists. By making everything Pro Wales v Anti Wales you are making the "major division political line" that Jonathan Edwards talked about in 2012. By creating this line you are inviting everyone who ought to be on your side to be on your side and allowing those who want and need Wales to remain opressed to show themselves for what they are. Enemies of Wales.

3. Educate Wales as to the mass exploitation of W
ales by the British parties (mainly Labour).
This goes hand in hand with the point above. By showing people that we are not subsidised, that we pay higher energy bills and water bills than customers in England who use our water and energy. That we are a dumping ground for their windfarms, for their junkies, for their problem families. How can educating people be negative? It's the most positive thing anyone can do. Unless of course you care more about those who will never vote for you.

4. Show Wales how much better off we will be by rejecting this colonialism and embracing our own nationhood.
Busting the myth that Wales is subsidised will be a massive step. The too poor argument doesn't wash when you see the mess that the ruling class of England has made of the UK finances. Why are we exporting water and energy yet paying more for it? Why are we producing twice as much renewable energy per person than England is, yet accused of being Nimbys when we reject more windfarms? Why does Wales have 5% of the UK population, 8% of the land mass yet a GDP of around 2%? Either our rulers really are this incompetent or they are deliberately sabotaging a country with so much potential.

5. Get your best people out of Westminster and into the Senedd

Wales is never going to win freedon via Westminster. And with just three MPs Plaid are lost amongst a sea of unionists. Especially when even our own MPs in Labour think we deserve to remain an exploited colony. Imagine after Gareth Bales heroics in the friendly against Austria that Coleman rested him for the qualifying match against Scotland and called Leighton James out of retirement. This is what is happening in Plaid right now.

To summarise

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  1. As a lapsed Plaid member of some years, I agree 500% on your five points.

    1. Diolch. 500%, really? A damning reflection on Labours education policy! :)

  2. "Plaid_Cymru conference to be opened up to all members". Are you against this? You are free to have your opinion of course but you are accountabel to no one as far as I know

    1. Is that for me? If so, of course not.

      Also, did you own the bookshop in the arcade in Llanelli?

  3. Anon1349. I meant 100% per point. Good Cardiff City have just won again & Wrecsam, so come on the Swans tomorrow.

  4. First thing they want do is sack Helen Mary Jones.

    1. Well they pretty much did that by letting a former Plaid member (and candidate) stand against her and gifted the seat to Labour.

  5. John Dixon claimed that Sian Caiach (who stood against HMJ) had leaked internal party info to the media consistently, which is against the party's rules. The NHS also barred her from all of their facilities for "whistle blowing" in her job. Sounds to me like she's someone who asks questions and makes life difficult for authorities. But it'd be wrong to claim her expulsion was something to do with nationalism or Plaid's policies.

    1. It's not wrong to say that her 2000+ votes cost Plaid a seat though.

    2. Oh, of course. Wasn't denying that. Only would've needed 80 of those votes.

  6. WnB - I've thought of a different slant on your 'on this day' tweets. How about 'on this day in xxxx, Unionist party L/C/LD [introduced the poll tax/introduced the Welsh Not/commissioned the Blue Books etc.], thus showing the unionist parties in their true light? Could be balanced - Unionist party C passed the Welsh Language Act, Unionist Party L legislated for devolution in Wales etc.

    1. I like how you think I'd be worried about making it balanced :)

      But yeah, good idea. Feel free to post any memorable dates.