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Wednesday 20 February 2013

Child poverty in Wales

The Guardian have created a child poverty map of the UK using data from EndChildPoverty.org. The map is divided into parliamentary constituencies and using this map you can quickly see a very worrying trend.

The first picture shows the constituencies of Wales and their parties. The second shows the levels of child poverty in these constituences. Have you noticed the very worrying trend? In case you haven't I have animated the two pictures together.
A vote for Labour is a vote for child poverty
It's worth noting that every single constituency in Wales has at least 10% child poverty. But only constituencies under the control of the Labour party have child poverty in excess of 20%. And if you look way down in Cardiff Bay there is a tiny patch of red signifying at least 30% of those children are in poverty.

I've enlarged this area so you can see it clearer. This Labour stronghold used to belong to Alun Michael. He quit being an MP in 2012 and decided to become a Police Commissioner instead. Now this area is run by Steven Doughty. So he can proudly say that he is the MP for the worst area of child poverty in the whole of Wales. But the data was compiled last year, so Alun Michael is well within his rights to claim all the credit for this achievement. He was MP for this poverty stricken area for 25 years after all.
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And considering the level of cuts being imposed by the Labour run Cardiff Council, it's hard to imagine these kids getting a break anytime soon.

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  1. That the poorest areas of Wales keep voting Labour and Labour keeps them poor in order to get their votes can be compared to a drug dealer's relationship with those he supplies.

    Labour victories are like taking drugs, in that they bring on a temporary feeling of euphoria or elation . . . then reality kicks in as you realise you still live in a shit-hole and your Labour representative / drug dealer likes it that way.

    Both Labour voters and drug addicts must realise that if their lives are to improve they need to kick the habit entirely.

  2. Vote Labour, Stay Poor

  3. To what extent does an MP "run" an area?

    This map also relies on FPTP obviously, and that's not an accurate electoral system.

    1. It may not be accurate but it's the system we have. And the stats clearly show a correlation, either between voting Labour and child poverty or child poverty and voting Labour. Either way it's good ammo for the other parties and something Labour ought to be disgusted with themselves about.

      Of course they wont be, they are probably doing cartwheels right now as they'll be able to deny any accountability and use our impoverished children as a stick to beat the Tories with. And we'll fall for it, again.