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Wednesday 8 May 2013

Devolution for dummies

I've had an idea for a book entitled "devolution for dummies". This first edition would be written especially for the First Minister Carwyn Jones. You see he still hasn't quite grasped how devolution works. People will scoff at this suggestion, after all he has been an AM for about 14 years and in the hot seat for three and a bit.
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Just in case Carwyns lawyers can read I want to point out that I'm 95% certain he doesn't understand devolution, there's 5% of me that thinks he may just like to say things randomly hoping they make good sound bites and that the Labour leaning BBC don't pick up on them. Either way, it all stems from Betty Windsor Saxophone Gothams speech in which she decreed that AMs will now be able to stand as both a regional and constituency candidate.

Naturally Labour are not happy about this as it was Peter "I gave away all your water" Hain who banned this back in 2007. That's right, the same party who complained about the gerrymandering of the boundary reforms were the ones who engineered their own dominance in Welsh elections.

And since Carwyn is the political Prince of Wales he managed to get his soundbite in.
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"With regards to electoral arrangements, we believe these should be dealt with in Wales by assembly members,"

That's either the most incredibly stupid thing he could say or the most audaciously two faced comment he could make. Either way the BBC failed to pick up on it and so we are left with either a First Minister who knows he can pull random words out of his mouth without any comebacks or one that doesn't comprehend the devolution settlement that Wales has.

The answer Carwyn is simple, if you want the freedom to rule Wales as you see fit then first Wales needs to be free of Westminster. Whilst Wales remains a colony of Westminster, they are the ones who dictate what happens and when. You are merely a puppet of the English Labour party and you will continue to do as you are told by them because they are the ones who guarantee you the safe seats throughout the valleys.

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  1. maen_tramgwydd10 May 2013 at 11:49

    I like the 'Labels'.

    Devolution is for dummies. We have been sold or given a 'pup' or a 'puppet', certainly a 'muppet'