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Monday 28 October 2013

Cake or Death?

An interesting article was published on the Welsh language version of the BBC news site. It doesn't appear to have found it's way onto the English language version which means it has effectively been buried. Thanks to google those who aren't Wesh speakers can have a fairly good translation of the page here. I have archived both pages just incase it should suddenly vanish.

The story revolves around an opinion given by Cardiff University's Proffessor Richard Scully who believes that if Scotland votes for independence then England would seek to cast the rest of us off.
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He then presents an ultimatum for the people of Wales. Would we wish to be independent or become part of England. Basically, do we want to be be Welsh in a free Wales or do we want to become English in an englarged England. What Richard is advocating is a choice between cake or death. Do we want to finally remove ourselves from the shackles of colonialism and become a normal nation where the people of our nation are able to decide who rules us, or do we want to finally extinguish Wales and everything that goes with it.

“Thiscould then leave Wales with the choice that it would not like to be faced with; either full and final integration within England – and put an end to the ‘nonsense’ of devolution regarding the Welsh language – or go her own way.” (Translated by Dafydd Thomas).

Of course this is all hypothetical at the moment but this time next year Scotland may well have voted yes and be organising themselves before their official independence day in 2016. The rest of the UK (rUK) then has to work out what it wants to be. So why not put it to the test right now. If we are presented with the choice of being Welsh or English what would we choose?
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