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Monday 21 October 2013

Scumbag Labour - Aberfan

Shortly after October 21st, 1966 when the 116 children and 28 adults of Aberfan were murdered by the negligence of the National Coal Board, the Labour Government of Harold Wilson decided that they would take £150,000 from the memorial fund in order to pay for the clean up.
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It took another 31 years for the money to be paid back, the Labour Government of Tony Blair paid the money back in full, all £150,000 of it. This is despite the fact that after three decades of inflation the figure would have been more like £1.5 million. In fact £150,000 of 1997 money would be the equivalent of  £15,000 in 1966. So they didn't actually pay it back in full, in fact they paid back one tenth of the amount.

It then took another ten years for the money to be paid back in full. This time it would be the Labour led Welsh Government that paid back the money. And after four decades of inflation it was now worth £2 million.

That's not £2 million of UK money, that's £2 million of Welsh money. You see Labour stole the money from Aberfan in order to clean up a UK mess. The Welsh Government then paid the money back from Welsh money. I'm sure there isn't a single person in Wales that would begrudge the money going back to Aberfan but the way I see it, the UK Government still owes the people of Aberfan their money. At today's rate that works out as over £2.3 million.

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  1. Shared on my page -I detest Labour but this beggars belief. They will never get my vote again. Griff

  2. why am i not surprised, disgraceful.