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Tuesday 15 July 2014

David Cameron gives Wales Crabbs

The General Election is just around the corner so David Cameron has decided to shuffle his deck one more time in order to do just enough to see off the Red Tories and ensure that whatever is left of the UK is run by a Blue Tory government.

"Nasty fat Taffitses". Get back to your cave Gollum, we've got a new SoS!
Out goes Gollum and in comes Crabb. I know what you are thinking, if only there was a website where we could see a summary of Crabb's time as a 'Welsh' MP. Well you're in luck because here is a compilation of snippets and summaries from old posts in order to show people what kind of scumbag Crabb is.

Wales hating bigot, he has got a nice beard though.
Crabb voted for the Welfare Cap. This means that should there be another economic meltdown which creates high unemployment, homelessness and a general increase in people seeking benefits the total pot doesn't increase so the amount of money to go around effectively decreases. Basically the kind of thing that happened under the Tories in the 80s and the RedTories in 00s.

Crabb voted against devolving Air Passenger Duty so that Welsh airports are not allowed to vary their duty in order to compete with English airports in the same way that airports in the six counties are able to compete with airports in Ireland. This is because Wales is allowed to compete with the countries of the world but not the country next door.

Crabb voted against devolving The Crown Estate and energy to Wales. In short this is so that Wales can continue to have power stations it doesn't need on top of land it doesn't own in order to ensure that people and companies in England can have cheaper energy bills than the people and companies of Wales. And to offset all the nasty fossil fuels we get to have all the windfarms that the people of England don't want near their posh houses.

Crabb voted against devolving water to Wales. This is because Crabb believes that every single drop of water that falls from the sky in Wales should belong to the people of England. Crabb believes that if a water intensive industry wants to set up somewhere in the UK it should be able to do so in an area which doesn't have a lot of water but still manages to pay less for it than an area which has more than it needs yet is somehow more expensive. This is because water is stolen from Wales and then sold back to us at an inflated rate in order to provide cheaper water in England.

But wait, maybe he's a nice guy. No he's not, he's a bigot as shown by the way he voted against marriage equality. This is because he believes that people who want to spend the rest of their lives with someone who happens to be the same sex as them are inferior to a couple of a different sex.

In short, he's a fuckin' Tory. And the only way to ensure that Wales is not run by Tories (be they blue or red) is to free ourselves from London rule.

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