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Sunday 29 June 2014

Quoted for truth - John Major

Originally covered by the Fails Online was this little gem from the former Prime Minister of the UK John Major. In which he starts off by stating he was opposed to devolution due to it leading to a break up of the UK. This isn't actually true, the need for devolution was brought about by the Council of Europe due to the UK's complete imbalance and constitutional deficiencies. This could have been addressed at any point since Wales was conquered and annexed, and Scotland was forced to sign itself over to England.

The option of devolution was forced upon the UK in order to give (some of) the Celtic nations more control over themselves than the British State would ever give them voluntarily. John Major saying he was opposed to it is a smoke screen because it didn't matter who was in charge of the UK at the time as it had to be offered.

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There was a time when London controlled most of the world, it had colonies everywhere. Now it's reduced to a bit part player on the world stage and it doesn't like it one bit. As John Major points out (as did former Secretary of State Jack Straw) it will weaken what is left of the rUK.

If we go the whole hog and remove all the Celtic nations (yes Cornwall I'm including you) from the UK, the rUK simply becomes England. It will lose 11.6 million people (18% of the current UK population) and 116,000 km2 of land which works out as just under 48% of it's current territory.

I shudder to think what the loss of territorial water would be, here's a map from this site which conveniently shows the maritime borders, I've added a (rough) border for Cornwall and you can clearly see why London needs to hold onto the Celtic nations with all its strength.

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There is also the issue of the tract of sea stolen from Scotland by Tony Blair which would reduce England's territory even further. Let's not forget that this is the same country that once boasted the world's most powerful navy.

If the United Kingdom was truly as great as the unionist parties would have us believe then John Major would have nothing to worry about. There would not have been any need for devolution in the first place. John Major is simply passing the buck, he is blaming devolution for the inevitable break up of the United Kingdom when he should be blaming the London-centric policies combined with the colonial exploitation and cultural genocide he and every other UK Prime Minister and ruler has waged in their thousand year war against the Celtic people.

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