"The arms that you wield now are not such as your forefathers wielded; but they are infinitely more effective, and infinitely more irresistable" ~ Cymru Fydd leaflet, 1890

Saturday 7 May 2016

The hypocrisy of the UKIP haters.

The Welsh elections have been and gone and people all over Wales (and beyond) are tearing their hair out that UKIP had seven Assembly Members elected thanks to the form of proportional representation that our democracy allows.

Hey Heath, Imma let you finish but Cesar Romero was the greatest joker of all time.
As I showed in the results post, UKIP won at least one seat in all of Wales' five regions. To think that this has caused outrage amongst non-UKIP voters is a little bit worrying, Not because they are disgusted that they have been democratically elected, but that the outraged people know so little about Welsh history that one English party being elected in Wales is somehow bad whilst all the other English parties is somehow fine.

Wales is ruled from London, we may have a devolved legislature but. as former Labour Secretary of State Jack Straw once said "Power devolved is power retained". This means that if our London masters decide to remove it then they can. And before anyone mentions the plans to legally make it permanent let me remind you that laws can be changed and no one can bind their successors. This is why we now aren't allowed to own slaves, women are allowed to vote and gay people are not locked up like they were in the 1960s.

Anyway, I think I have provided enough over-the-top examples to prove my point so we have to hop in the time machine and travel back to the 16th century. We have to start somewhere so dust off those tights and polish your cod piece because the Laws in Wales Acts 1535 and 1542 are coming and Wales is going to be allowed to send Members of Parliament to London. Incidentally, in 1542 they passed an act covering witchcraft so you best not do anything in this time period that baffles their tiny little minds.

Actually, wait a minute. Due to a law passed in 1432 only people who owned land worth forty shillings could vote. This wasn't overturned until 1832 although it wouldn't be until 1884 when most men and 1918 when some women would be allowed to vote.

Two of the current English parties evolved from the Whigs (Liberal Democrats) and the Tories (Conservative and Unionist Party). These evolved from the Roundheads and the Cavaliers which you were probably taught about in school instead of learning about Welsh history and you probably also don't need to be told which was which but here's a clue, I heard David Cameron is related to the English queen.

The other main English party is Labour who were founded in 1900 and by 1922 they were conquering Wales. Many of the areas which voted for a Labour MP in 1922 and still blessed with a Labour MP today such is their devotion to their unwavering principles and not because the voters are gullible.

At this point some people might be saying, but these aren't English political parties because they are called Welsh this and Welsh that. And here is where we take the needle of the record and announce that the party is over. There is only one main political party that is officially registered in Wales. And if you do not believe me you can check the registration documents on the electoral commissions website. Here are the direct links for your enjoyment.

Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales
The Labour Party
The Conservative and Unionist Party
The Liberal Democrats
UK Independence Party (UKIP)

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The odd ones out on that list are Plaid Cymru and UKIP. All the others are headquartered in London whilst Plaid are based in Cardiff and UKIP are based in Devon.

Apart from Plaid Cymru you will not see any Welsh people as leaders of their parties as Mr Jeremy Corbyn, The Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Mr Tim Farron and Mr Nigel Paul Farage are all English and represent English constituents as Members of Parliament except for Farage who is, of course, a Member of the European Parliament.

You will note from the pages that the parties have different logos, this is where the Welsh bit comes in. All these English parties who stand in Wales are is a different logo. You could refer to them as Welsh branches of their English parties but they are described merely as "accounting units".

It doesn't matter if your in Aberystwyth Labour, Aberdeen Tories. Aberford Lib Dems or Aberplymm UKIP. Your lot are just an accounting unit of your English party. And guess what, if you want to vote for an English party and you are happy to do so knowing that they have never given a toss about Wales and never will, that's fine. But please stop over reacting just because we now have four English parties elected to the Senedd instead of the usual three.

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UKIP might be complete wankers (I'm playing devil's advocate here when I say might) but they didn't illegally invade Iraq and Afghanistan and forget about the maimed as soon as they returned. They didn't close down the coal mines and the steel mills or ignore the ones who are on life support. They didn't steal from the Aberfan disaster fund, they didn't get into bed with the Tories, they didn't vote for Tory cuts to the most needy in our society or sell off lucrative publicly owned assets to their mates. They didn't flood Welsh land to steal our water or steal vast swathes of Welsh countryside and sea in order to test their guns and bombs. But you know, the evil bastards do want to leave the EU.

My other half had a letter from her English union. These Usdaw leaflets were printed in England and then posted out to Wales because apparently Wales needs English unions to tell us to vote for an English party that they are in bed with. Another English union that is in bed with Labour had to print a retraction letter after Plaid pointed out the lies that Unison sent out to many of their 100,000 members in Wales. This is typical of the English tabloids but seeing the English unions do it is saddening when their whole existance is to protect their members not lie to them. Of course many of their members who saw the lies will never see the retraction.

Wales is represented in London by 40 MPs, 37 of which take their orders from London. In the Senedd Wales is represented by 60 AMs, 41 of which take their orders from London whilst another 7 take their orders from Devon. And yet some of you people are pissed off because some people voted for the 7 from UKIP. I'm troubled with your hypocrisy.


  1. I don't think the fact they're run from London is the problem. I think the fact they are so far removed from the politics that wales usually votes for its sad.

    1. Wales usually votes for a party that waged an illegal and aggressive war in order to conduct regime change in Iraq.

  2. No UKIP didn't do a lot of bad things. And Stalin and Mao and - alright, I'll use the H word - Hitler didn't either. What kind of argument is that? While they have been careful to keep on the right side of the law for the most part, they have legitimised racism and hate, and having unleashed a monster among the electorate, set Wales and the rest of the UK back forty years. Their policies are repugnant, so don't be an apologist for them.