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Sunday 29 September 2013

Post Cymru

Shortly after the UK Government announced the privatisation of the Royal Mail the Scottish Government promised that after a yes vote they will renationalise the postal service in Scotland. The silence in Wales was broken this week with Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood asking for the postal service in Wales to be handed over to the Welsh Government in much the same way as the postal service was handed over to the Manx and the Channel Islanders. The fact that this is even happening should go to show people how much we in Wales are at the mercy of the Government that the people of England choose.
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In her Huffington post article Leanne quotes the Post Office Act of 1969. Which outlines the handing over of the postal services to the islanders.
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It'll be interesting to see how the puppets of the London parties react to this. London Labour has already rejected calls to renationalise the mail service should the public be gullible enough to vote them in. Will Labour in Wales, the Welsh branch of the so called workers party give their backing to Plaid's request? Will the Welsh Tories and Welsh Lib Dems whose masters are pushing forward with the privatisation of the Royal Mail so that Pat, Jess and Mrs Goggins might end up on the scrap heap as the foreign multi-nationals cherry pick the best routes and leave unfashionable Greendale without a buyer. Of course that's a joke, Jess isn't an employee, he's a cat.

What about the real posties though? Many of the frontline posties know their communities inside out. They know the people and some of them know which house to rush past when their national team loses in the football! If the other parties do not back Plaid on this issue then could the posties and their unions take their support elsewhere? People who know the communities as well as the posties do would make invaluable allies to any party who are prepared to stand up for them.

There is also a petition that has been launched by Plaid Cymru. I'm not sure why they have chosen a third party site to host it. But it's worth signing to show your support.

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