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Thursday 26 September 2013

The majority of Britain is officially not British

What an incredible headline that is. Regular readers will remember the fantastic moment when the results from the 2011 census were released which proved catergorically that the majority of Wales was officially Welsh not British. Syniadau then showed that the majority of England was also not British. But now, after all this time the results of the Scottish census are out and the majority of Scotland is Scottish not British.

So that means that of the three nations on this rock the majority of us are not British. This is a complete and utter rejection of Britishness, a two fingered salute to a fast decaying empire.
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The results for the Scottish census are available here and there are further comments on this issue over at Radnorian where another one of the BritNat myths relating to Shetland and Orkney are debunked. And also over at Syniadau where 'one nation' is shown for the nonsense that it is.

But what about the BritNats? The people who identify themselves as British? Clearly since those who identify themselves as being not British are the majority that must mean that those who identify themselves as being British are the minority.
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A few points. The above graph shows those who identified as British in the census carried out in Wales and England. This includes, for example, the idiots who think they can be both Welsh and British. For the Scottish census the upper limit was used which is those who identify as being from the UK. So it could be lower since people who come from the UK clearly don't have to be British. And yes, the rags are deliberately upside down since the BritNats are clearly in distress.

Since the British are a minority in Wales, England and Scotland then surely it is time to stop giving them the power that allows them to rule over us. It's time to take the power back so that our countries can be run by the people of our countries for the benefit of our people. The empire is dead, long live Wales, England and Scotland.

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