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Monday 30 December 2013

Most popular 'Daily Facts'

After conducting a review of the facebook posts for 2013 I wanted to also conduct a review of the daily facts that I share each day. The easiest way to do this is via the twitter posts since I already collate them here on the blog. It's basically a case of looking at the page for each month and then seeing which has the most interactions. As with the other review I will post the most popular from each month. Hopefully we can learn something from the results.

Dydd Santes Dwynwen was the most popular daily fact on both twitter and most popular picture I shared on facebook for January.

How very random, it is one of my favourite days of the year though.

This was posted for "Sul Y Mamau Hapus", so far we have three out of three that are 'special days'. So there may not really be a Crempog Sant but there should be!

A little bit of gentle trolling on St George's Day is easily the top daily fact of the month and year so far and makes it four for four for special days. That's a mouthful.

By including the Portmeirion twitter account in the tweet meant they saw the daily fact and retweeted it to their followers which ensured a more targetted audience.

Ian Rush burying 'that goal' against West Germany nails June.

Possibly the first really historical daily fact of the month so far.

Finding and posting the daily facts can be a chore sometimes but then you come across something like this and it makes it all worth it.

Owain does the double having been the most shared facebook post for September. Beating Grav, Speedo and The Gresford Disaster.

One of my pumpkins narrowly beat The Senghenydd Disaster for October.

Having missed out with his birth, death and beating the All Blacks I'm quite glad that Grav topped one of the months.

That last post was top of the month and the year. It's facts like this that started me sharing these in the first place. It was the first day of 2013, I was stood staring at the commemoration stone for the Battle of Lwchwr I wondered why I didn't know this place existed until now. I wondered why I hadn't been taught about it in school. Of course the reason is simple, despite winning the battle we lost the war. And as Malcolm X once said, ‘Only a fool would let their enemy educate their children.’

Sometimes I forget the anthem when singing it, sometimes I muddle the words because I was never taught it properly at school. Imagine if every child in Wales learnt the anthem in school. Not only learning the words but also about who wrote it and what it means, even in English stream schools they could teach the mutations and translate it for them. And then show a few videos of a packed out stadium singing the anthem. Perhaps videos of how the English used to force us to play their anthem before ours.

Here we have a world's first, no other nation had sung an anthem before any sporting event until Wales did. And the reason we did it was because it was our haka! Whenever international sporting events take place they almost always play the national anthem, from football to F1. And we started it! But then when we have our enemies running our education you won't get told any of that.

So I shared the first daily fact and the next day I shared another and so on until here I am, looking set to start another lap. The way I have embedded the tweets means that they are there for anyone to come across and if they like the tweet they can share it directly from the page.

I probably wont be tweeting new facts every single day. Perhaps just the best fact from that day and a link to the month so anyone who wants to share can do so. I've enjoyed finding out so many interesting things about people and places I'd never heard of before. Even if no one else had liked them it would have been a worthwhile excercise. But given that so many people have enjoyed them it makes it even better.

The top facts for each month are as eclectic as the most shared posts from 2013 on facebook. There's no one sort of fact that shines through. The only similarity with facebook is also true for any other medium be it online or print. It's very hard to get people to care about real life. If we can crack that then there will be no stopping the Cymry.

Diolch yn fawr to everyone who has read, shared, tweeted, faved, retweeted, liked and commented.

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