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Sunday 16 March 2014

'Chester' Hotels - Part I

So you've flown into Chester Airport in Wales, perhaps you've taken in a game of football watching Chester City play in Wales before stopping off to do a bit of shopping in Tesco Chester Extra, in Wales.

No doubt you are feeling a bit tired and need a place to stay. So here are a few 'Chester' hotels that I have found for you to rest your weary head.

St David's hotel, nr Chester

Sorry my mistake, this Chester Hotel isn't actually in Chester it's in Wales. And why would anyone want to stay in a Chester hotel in Wales when they could stay in a Chester hotel in Chester. Let's try again.

Chester West Holiday Inn

Whoops, this is on the Wales side of the border. Third time lucky? This one has to be right since it's tagline is "Check in to Chester - The BEST WESTERN Llyndir Hall Hotel".

Check in to Chester
Nope, again this one is in the Cymru part of the map not the 'not Cymru' part of the map. At this point I will say that I was told about these hotels by people on either twitter or facebook. Upon sharing each one I'd usually be given another example. This next example was actually given to be by the idiot running their hotel twitter page.

That's an admission of false advertisment right there.
Is that a problem? Well let's see. Here we have someone who wants to have a Chester hotel but has decided instead to have a Welsh hotel and try to pass it off as being a Chester hotel. There are a few reasons for this. It's no doubt cheaper to buy and then run a hotel in Wales than it is in Chester. Perhaps the scenery is better too and maybe it's quieter. That's all well and good but if I was buying a hotel room online that claims to be in Chester I would expect it to be in Chester or at least very close. I wouldn't expect it to be in another county and especially not in another country. Now this idiot is admitting to using false advertising as a way of bringing in customers who are looking for a Chester hotel not a Welsh hotel.

In Wales, near Wales, near Chester it's all very vague and designed to confuse.
Their website claims their hotel is near north Wales despite the very obvious and impossible to deny geographic fact that it is in north Wales. Also on their page is some sort of award from trip advisor which links to their review page. There are some good reviews and some bad ones, one person even said there was a tic in their bed.

Travelodge Chester, in Wales.
Credit for the last one has to go to the Cheshire West and Chester City Council. I must have missed it but fairplay to their Trading Standards people for picking up on it. Oh, did I neglect to mention that they were looking into this? I think we can leave that for another post for another day.

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