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Thursday 27 March 2014

Scumbag Labour - Welfare cap

Tuesday the 26th March saw a vote in Westminster to put a hard cap on the UK's welfare budget. Let's just remember that we've just had one of the worst global recessions for decades that has resulted in poor people having to use food banks in order to feed their families whilst disabled people are being targetted because they were given a home with a spare room and old people are having to choose between heating or eating.

With all that in mind you'd have to be a completely callous poor hating scumbag to side with the Tories and put a hard cap on the welfare budget.

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Given that the poorest areas of Wales are all areas that have Labour MPs you would naturally assume that Labour MPs would vote against it. Given that Labour are meant to be the opposite of the Tories you would naturally assume that they would vote against it. Or perhaps just because they are the official opposition you'd might think that they would vote against it.

The only Welsh MPs that did vote against it were our three from Plaid Cymru. When did Labour start hating the poor? The following list of MPs was taken from here and shows which MPs from all over the UK had the compassion to stand up for those who are most in need of being stood up for.

Abbott, Diane
Campbell, Ronnie
Connarty, Michael
Hopkins, Kelvin
Jackson, Glenda
McDonnell, John
Mudie, George
Riordan, Linda
Skinner, Dennis
Watson, Tom
Wood, Mike
Clark, Katy (teller)
Corbyn, Jeremy (teller)

Plaid Cymru
Edwards, Jonathan
Llwyd, Elfyn
Williams, Hywel

MacNeil, Angus Brendan
Robertson, Angus
Weir, Mike
Whiteford, Dr Eilidh
Wishart, Pete

Galloway, George

Durkan, Mark
McDonnell, Dr Alasdair
Ritchie, Margaret

Here's the link to the full voting list.

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