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Tuesday 4 March 2014

Wales' problem with immigration

BBC Wales has devoted a large chunk of its resources today telling us about the rise in migration of the 'foreign born'. By 'foreign born' they are of course referring to those who were born outside the UK. They cannot simply fathom that people who were not born in Wales could be considered 'foreign born'.

The headlines read that the number of 'foreign born' rose by 82% in the 10 years between 2001 and 2011. Apparently they needed some think tank in Oxford University that is called the "Migration Observatory" to work this all out.

The article continues to mention how the Polish are the largest group of the 'foreign born'. It also tells us how many of these 'foreign born' Polish there are in Wales. You may wish to sit down for this, according to the 2011 census there were 18,023 'foreign born' Polish in Wales. I know that some of my come in error readers might find this number hard to grasp so I have graphed it in comparison with the second largest ethnic grouping in Wales.

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According to BBC article that was published when the European Elections weren't around the corner the English accounted for 21% of the people in Wales. This works out as over 640,000. Once again, for the benefit of my come in error readers, that means there are 622,000 more English people in Wales than Polish people. Remember that Polish people are, according to the BBC, the largest grouping of 'foreign born' in Wales.

Wales does have a problem with migration, but it certainly isn't from the Polish workers who come here.

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