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Wednesday 16 April 2014

Nuclear Waste

Not that long ago the Fails Online (of all places) reported on a diplomatic cable that they had found between the UK and USA from 2009 that detailed how strategic Wales was to England's energy needs. They didn't share much information but I was able to track the cable down and it is well worth the read.

One of the key passages on the cable told of a location, somewhere in north Wales for the UK to use as a toxic dump for all its nuclear waste. It didn't say where it was but I think we can start to narrow it down.
Andy Fraser, a climate change official in the Welsh Assembly Government, told ESTHOff there is a repository site that meets geographical requirements for disposing of nuclear radioactive waste in northern Wales, but it is unlikely to gain public support.
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I do suggest you read the full cable but in the mean time if you cannot read the parts I have highlighted in the graphic above then I will paste them here.
Many Welsh think the UK has already "milked" Welsh resources without providing anything in return.
...the Welsh may look to exert their power and block projects seen as beneficial to the UK but harmful to Wales.
That last bit reminds me of the recent example from the Silk II report that more or less says the same thing in English but adds in England in particular in the Welsh version. So when the Daily Post revealed today that Ynys Môn could become a toxic waste dump for all the radioactive waste for the entire 'British Isles' the pieces started to fall into place.

In a way if anywhere in Wales has to have toxic waste forced onto it then it should be Ynys Môn, if they want to have a nuclear power plant then it is hypocritical to not also take at least the waste generated from it.
So I do question all the politicians who are now claiming to be standing up for the island over the issue of the waste when they are bending over and letting England's soaring energy demand shaft them the next.

If the politicians and people of Ynys Mon do not want to see it being used as a toxic waste disposal site then they need to start opposing the new nuclear power plant as well so that they cannot be accused of hypocrisy by anyone, least of all the posh boys in London who dictate how Wales is run.

And to everyone else in Wales, this could be your home next, it's time to see our position in this sham union for the colonial exploitation that it is.

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