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Sunday 7 April 2013

If you tolerate this...

The Scotland on Sunday newspaper has, for some unknown reason, decided to photoshop a swastika onto a saltire and then use it as a front page photo. The original picture was taken as a homage to the iconic Iwo Jima photo. But this Tory owned BritNat propaganda rag has decided that people who want their country ruled by their own people are nazis.
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Also, note the word clan spelt with a K to relate self determination with Ku Klux Klan. At the top left of the picture you can also see an apparently unrelated story about racial tension in America. But, given the fact that the KKK was notorious with the murder and persecution of black Americans is it really that unrelated?

No doubt this will be an another huge own goal for the "Better Together" campaign in Scotland and comes just one day after the SNP revealed that David Camerons recent trip to Scotland coincided with 109 new members for the only party in the UK to have been elected with a majority. And hopefully this will be another nail in the coffin of this rag, just as the WesternFails front page attacking the Welsh language caused an online backlash that has left the paper with a readership of just 1 in 118 people. Although I suspect it's fallen even more but it'll be hard to work out as they've pulled the plug on their ABC circulation monitoring.
The anti-Welsh WesternFail
Originally the official facebook page for the rag, (the 'Scottish' one not the 'Welsh' one), claimed that the photo is actually being used to expose the racists who used Scottish nationalism for their own far right gains. The photo (and therefore the page) has since been deleted. Luckily I took a screen shot before hand.
There is a reason why so many people in Wales are following the Scottish referendum, and that is because one day we will have our own. And many of the things we see happening in Scotland right now will happen to us in Wales. And that includes the blatant lies, misinformation and wall to wall BritNat propaganda that we already see to a degree. That will get ramped up should Wales ever wake up and stop voting for Labour.

So this is why I have signed this petition and urge others to do so. This petition is actually clever, as it not only records that you have declared that the image is not acceptable but it also emails the Independent Press Complaints Commission and the Editor of The Scotsman. This kind of journalism needs to be stamped out. And if we down here can help the Scottish stamp it out now, then the English owned rags down here might think twice before printing something similar when we have our opportunity for self determination.

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Edit - If you receive a server connection error then it's because the petition site was getting so much traffic from the various facebook and twitter accounts posting it that it crashed. Try again later.

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  1. We already know the Unionist argument relies on twisted propaganda and the fear of change. By reverting to type I believe they have done the Scottish freedom debate a great service. All the Scots need do is to observe British right wing unionism at its worse in the form of this odious Westminster government to realise why they need their freedom.

    Scotland will not only be a more successful Country in economic terms but much richer culturally, having dumped the right wing paranoia and divisiveness associated with the British state.
    "Send them homeward to think again"