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Wednesday 24 April 2013

Scumbag Labour - 10 months and counting

Last month I congratulated Labour on going a whole 9 months without hitting ambulance response time targets. Another month has gone by and they've failed to hit the target yet again. This makes it 10 months without hitting the target. If that was on a videprinter it would have (ten) after it so that people knew it wasn't a mistake and the scoreline really is that bad.
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But this tale of woe does not end there because not only has Labours brand new Health (sic) minister managed to continue the legacy by maintaining the losing streak. He's managed to do it in the most outrageously bad fashion possible. Previously, some of the local authorities have actually achieved their targets but the failings in the other authorities have brought the national average down. In March however, every single local authority in Wales failed to hit the target. This leaves the national average at 53.3%, almost 12% below the ridiculously low target of 65%. In contrast, England and Scotland both have targets of 75% for catergory A calls.
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The above graph is taken from the Scottish Ambulance Service and shows response times from 2007/08 to 2011/12. Please don't read too much into the sudden increase after Labour was rejected by the Scottish voters in 2007. Instead focus on the sustained 70%+ responses over the last few years. That's around 20% higher than our ambulance service managed last month.

The worst authority in Wales was Rhondda Cynon Taff with just 42.1% Alongside RCT in the hall of shame are Merthyr Tydfil 43.5%, Flintshire 44.9% and Torfaen 45.1%.

What do all these areas have in common?

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