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Thursday 23 January 2014

Chester Airport

If you were to ask someone where Chester Airport is then you probably shouldn't be surprised if they were to say that it was in Chester, England. If you were to take a look at their website, chesterairport.co.uk then again you might be mistaken for thinking that Chester Airport was in Chester, England. And if, whilst looking at their airport you were to go to the contact us page where you would see their address, then yes, once again you might think that Chester Airport is actually in Chester, England.

Chester Airport clearly doesn't know how to read a map. Share via twitter | facebook

Here we have the Chester Airport banner (with Hawarden in little letters) and underneath that I've added a map of the Welsh border. I've clearly labelled where the airport is so there can be no doubt that Chester Airport is in Wales.

Now this could be due to the fact that this part of Wales has an English post code. I mentioned that here, along with a map showing all the other English post codes that have been forced onto Wales. Here's the address from their website.

Chester Hawarden Airport which is apparently in Chester
And here is their (old) twitter profile.

Is it Chester or Hawarden? England or Wales?
So now they are saying they are in Hawarden not in Chester as they are pointing out that they are merely near Chester. It's a bit of a mess is this. It sounds like they are ashamed of being in Wales and desperately want people to think they are actually in England. Which reminded me of England footballer Michael Owen saying he lived 'near Cheshire' whilst on Family Fortunes. He lives in Ewloe, Flintshire, whilst technically he does live 'near Cheshire', it sounds like he is ashamed of where he lives. Kind of like Chester Airport.

Now something bizarre has happened here, the screenshots of the address and twitter profile were taken on the 19th January when I shared the first graphic on my facebook page. Sometime over the next few days they have changed their twitter username and updated their profile. It now reads like this.

Their new twitter, only a little confusing this time
One thing I should point out is that I had to highlight the text in order for it to be readable. They've made the rookie mistake of using a predominantly white background to white text. That's a free tip by the way. The text itself is neater now, I still think the Hawarden/Chester Airport is bad since on the website it's down as Chester Hawarden. How about this, as another free tip. Drop all the pretence that you are in Chester as you are not. Change your name and branding to Howarden Airport and play on the fact that you are in the fairly exclusive club of Welsh airports as opposed to trying to be just another English airport.

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