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Sunday 26 January 2014

When is an English paedo not an English paedo?

The BBC recently reported on the rape of a 15 year old girl in Colwyn Bay. Now I can't be the only one who doesn't trust our state broadcaster so whenever I read a story like this I invariably google the person involved. I shouldn't have to do this but a comment left on my post regarding a recent BBC news blackout has prompted me to do this.

So after a basic google search of his name, Gavin Benit, I found the following.

A basic google search of the name 'gavin benit'
I was so taken aback by the Oldham link that I failed to look further than that so it wasn't until I saw Jac's post that I realised he was on twitter. The Oldham link clearly states that Gavin was from Oldham, England. Something that the BBC had decided to leave out. With the BBC it's not what they do report it's what they choose not to report. This is why many people believed Mark Bridger to have been a local and not some criminal from London.

From Oldham Evening Chronicle
That is from September 2008, it states that he is from Oldham and now of Colwyn Bay. So already the BBCs initial report simply stating he was 'placed in a flat' are beginning to look very ominous. Not because of what they do report but because of what they deliberately leave out.

Here is where the twitter account comes in. Here's the tweet he madein February 2011, which is seven months before the Oldham article was published stating that he was now 'of Colwyn Bay'. So sometime during the spring / summer of 2011 this English convicted paedophile was allowed to be rehomed in Wales.

The original tweet

After posting about the BBC coverage on twitter someone referred me to the Daily Post article. If you think the above is bad then it's about to get a whole lot worse.
From Daily Post. Apparently he's from Rhyl. Share via twitter | facebook
They report on where the attack happened, they report about the previous rape of a 13 year old girl in 2008 but as with the BBC it's what they leave out that is important. And the fact that they blatantly state he is 'from Rhyl' not once but twice.

So now instead of the story being about a convicted English paedophile who has been dumped in Wales only to go on and rape another school girl the story is now about a paedophile 'from Rhyl'.

So to answer my initial question, "when is an English paedo not an English paedo?" When it's the Daily Post doing the reporting, that's when.

Edit - 27th January 2014

I wasn't surprised to find several visits to the site from the Trinity Mirror Group (the London based owners of the Daily Post) to my site after posting about them. I had several hits from the BBC after posting about their recent news black out. It's a shame though that they haven't left a comment on the page to explain their deliberate misinformation.

Just one of the Mirror hits along with another BBC hit and a reader who came via Syniadau
I did however have a reply to a comment I left on the Daily Post's facebook page. It's one of those generic replies that doesn't really mean anything at all.

"Hello. Thanks for getting in touch. You make valid points and your comments have been taken on board."

From here
People are starting to wake up to the tricks and games that the London media plays in order to try and brainwash us into buying into their system. We need to be vigilant in order to spot the deceptions and make people aware of it. Wales doesn't have a Welsh media, we therefore need to make sure that the foreign owned companies that are twisting the news to suit their own agenda are shown for the enemies of Wales that they are. One way of doing this is by making an official complaint to the press complaints commission, which I have done regarding the first three parts of section one.

Firstly they have lied in the article, secondly they have had plenty of time to correct it but haven't. Thirdly they are reporting 'conjecture' as fact.

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As a precaution I have archived the original links so that if any changes are made to the original articles they can be spotted.

Facebook reply

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