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Saturday 11 January 2014

Uganda - 'Kill the Gays'

It was only recently that our First Minister was up in Scotland doing the dirty work for the London Tories, telling the Jocks that they are too wee, too poor and too stupid to be a real country. Now our First Minister is embarrassing us once again in Uganda, a country that wanted to 'Kill the Gays'.

Carwyn is in the former British colony of Uganda planting trees, less than a month after the Ugandan Government increased the penalty for homosexuality to life imprisonment.

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Homophobic bigotry is nothing new to the Welsh branch of the Red Tories. The recent marriage equality bill was voted against by both Merthyr MP Dai Harvard and Torfaen MP Paul Murphy. So it should be no surprise then that Carwyn should be out cosying up to such an oppressive regime.

One day Uganda might get its 'Kill the Gays' bill passed and this tree that Carwyn has planted could well be used for hanging people who have committed the crime of having consensual sex with another adult. Ok so perhaps they wouldn't use a tree, but Uganda does still use hanging as a means of execution. Firing squads are reserved for their military.

No doubt many will have seen the recent pardon of code breaker Alan Turing who was chemically castrated by the British and later killed himself in 1954. Uganda was still a British colony until 1962, homosexuality wasn't made legal in Englandandwales until 1967. It has remained illegal in the former outpost.

This week we've seen outrage over Dennis Rodman's trip to North Korea in order to play a game of basketball in honour of Kim Jong Un, convicted rapist and ear biting boxer Mike Tyson even claims Rodman's trip is an act of treason.

So why then is it ok for Carwyn to cosy up to Uganda but it's not ok for Rodman to cosy up to North Korea?

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