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Tuesday 25 November 2014

'Vote UKIP' banned by Disqus

As you may be aware this page and others use the Disqus comments platform instead of the default system. For those of you who have signed up to Disqus you may have had an email recently telling you that 'Vote UKIP' are now following you.
Your email will have looked a little like this.
The email will look a bit like the picture above, some may mistake it for an email directly from UKIP but it isn't. It's just a notification from Disqus telling you that a user by the name of Vote UKIP has followed you. It also features their logo, a tag line and a button to follow back.

I was going to write a post showing how to block this person from following you but after clicking through to their link it gives a page 404 error. Basically that tells me that their account has been deleted, most likely as a result of them going on a mass following spree which has been interpreted (correctly) as spam.

Spammers gotta spam.
There's no reason to believe that this was an official UKIP account but I figured it was worth posting to reassure people that they don't have to change their email addresses or anything else. All it was is just someone following and a company you have signed up to notifying you they have followed you. Should something similar happen again it's a simple process to delete them.

Just go to your profile, click followers, find the follower and click the X next to their name and click OK when it asks for confirmation.

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