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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Scumbag Labour - Deprivation index 2014

The Fails Online has reported on the Welsh Government's 2014 edition of the multiple deprivation index. They haven't provided a link to the source but they have produced some swanky gadget to allow you to enter your postcode and check your area.

Instead of doing this they could have instead looked at the areas to see who is responsible for the poverty the people living there are living in. Of course the Red Tories supporting Fails Online haven't done this which is where people like myself come in.

Another great play-along-at-home game for you. I spoil you.
So the first thing was to get the top 10 list which the Fails Online did provide. I then used a combination of google, 'street check', the 'post code finder'  and 'write to them'* in order to find out who are the elected representatives of these people. I guarantee you will not be shocked at the common theme throughout.

So let's start by saying the 'write to them' site tells you the name of the councillors, MP, AM, regional AM and MEPs. I will omit both the regional MP and MEPs from the list because I want to look at the people who are responsible for that area and that area only.

The two Rhyl's also overlap with regards to their representatives. I don't think this is a good thing as it means that the councillors, MP and AMs for these two areas, which are across the road from one another have two places on the hall of shame instead of one.

Ten places, ten MPs, ten AMs and 19 councillors. The reason for the 19 is that three wards only have the one councillor, five wards have two councillors whilst the other two have three councillors.

So what do they all have in common? Every single MP, AM and councillor for the areas listed in the 2014 top ten index for multiple deprivation all belong to the 'Welsh branch of the one nation Red Tory Party', commonly known as Labour.

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I'm sure the Red Tories will be slapping themselves on the back over this. For they know that poverty breeds Labour which in turn breeds poverty and these 10 deprived areas are nailed on to vote Labour at the General Election. Probably because their parents did or because they want to help Labour send a message to London.

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* 'Write to them' links for verification. Same order as above.



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