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Friday 1 March 2013

A private party

There are 365 days this year. St Davids Day occurs once a year, as a fraction that is 1/365ths. As a decimal that is 0.0027 and as a percentage it is 0.27% of the year. I think you get the point that it's a relatively short space of time in comparison to the whole year.
Save the Valleys, save the country!
St Davids Day is one of the few days of the year that people celebrate being Welsh and celebrate Wales. Parades are staged, flags are waved, costumes are donned and concerts in schools across the nation are performed.

So why, on this 0.27% of the year, do our one and only nationalist party lock themselves away in a remote corner of Wales in order to stage their conference? Don't misunderstand, I have nothing against our friends in the gogledd. Far from it, but a quick glance at a Senedd seat map of Wales shows you that the Valleys are the key to winning Wales. Just as the south east of England is the key to winning Westminster.
St. Marys Street, Cardiff. - @FAWales
Could they not have picked one of the other 364 days this year? As a fraction that would be 364/365ths. As a decimal it would be 0.997 and as a percentage it is 99.7%. On the off chance that I haven't laboured this point enough and because I really believe it needs labouring, here is a pie chart that shows how ridiculous such a decision is.
The most point labouring pie chart I've ever made
How are they ever going to engage with the people on the street if they are not engaging with the people on the street on the most obvious day of the year in the most obvious places to do so?

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  1. Have you seen BBC Wales St. David's day offering?

    Owen Money and Shakin fuckin' Stevens!

    Are they deliberately trying to make us look like a nation of simpletons with no culture?
    They will probably have a live audience made up of gormless, drunken rugby fans in those cringe-worthy daffodil hats and chuck in just about every other negative stereotype for good measure.

    Look you, proper Welsh that is see boyo.

    1. I'm listening to BBC Radio Wales as they spend our one and only national day talking about New York. This morning they were discussing UKIP.

  2. English lang BBC Principality news pages giving main focus to Royals' visit and role in St David's Day. At least the Welsh lang. newyddion front page and report put the emphasis on the parades.