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Wednesday 27 March 2013

Scumbag Labour - Ambulance and Airports

First of all I would like to congratulate Labour. The ambulance service in Wales has failed to hit it's response time target for the ninth month in a row. Whether this is through sheer incompetence, lack of interest or deliberate sabotage is irrelevant. It's still such a fantastically bad achievment that it deserves praise. Such is the level of this epic fail by the Labour Party, countless babies will have been conceived and born all across Wales during this period of sustained failure. So after nine months of failing, what do they finally do?

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Today marks not only the ninth month in a row of failure for the ambulance service but also the dawning of a brand new era for Cardiff International Airport. It has now been bought by us, the Welsh tax payer via the Labour Party. A cool £52 million. Could be a real bargain!

In theory it's a great idea, but then it's Labour that will be calling the shots. They can't even be bothered to get an ambulance to your door in time and now they think they can run an airport well enough to stop us travelling to Bristol. But wait, there is a chance this might work, they say they will run the airport at "arms length". Quite what this actually means is a bit of a mystery but if it works then let's hope they start running everything else at arms length too, because so far, everything they have touched has turn to dust.

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  1. Fine about the other stuff but the airport purchase is absolutely essential.

  2. "Absolutely essential"! Care to explain?

  3. Saving the airport is vital for the economy in South Wales. The waiting times for a ambulance is a travesty, consistent failure month after month. Surely this cant go on much longer??

  4. Essential Jac because under private ownership Cardiff Airport has become an utter travesty. For symbolic reasons and to market Wales abroad you need to be able to say we are a nation with one international airport. It is essential to me that the Government owns it, not private interests (who are hardly going to see the market reasons for Wales existing, let alone having decent infrastructure).

    I don't mind who runs the facility (think Rowe-Beddoe seems a good choice) but ownership should be with the state. Labour now has a vested interest in seeing it succeed. Seeing as Labour usually avoids responsibility, we should be applauding this.

    But as for the ambulance failures, fire away!