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Thursday 28 March 2013

Even the doctors hate Labour.

Literally one day after it was announced that the Welsh ambulance service has failed to hit it's target for the ninth month in a row it has emerged that half the A&E consultants in Wales have signed a letter to the new health minister Mark Drakeford.
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Of course Mark Drakeford has only had the job for a week or so which means we can't blame him entirely for the state of the Welsh health service. But now it is his job, that makes him accountable for the constant failures and responsible for cleaning up the mess of his predecessors. The letter from the College of Emergency Medicine reads as follows.

Our emergency departments are at the point of meltdown. Most days, they are seriously overcrowded.
This jeopardises safety and puts patients at risk: there is clear evidence that death rates go up if patients requiring admission remain in emergency departments for hours whilst they wait for ward beds to become available.
Each of us has seen standards of care slipping in our departments, as we struggle to look after a dozen or more patients stuck in the emergency departments whilst waiting for ward beds, in addition to our normal workload.
So here we have it from the people on the very frontline of the health service, but will Labour listen? Now it's not just some people online critiscising them. Or a group of protestores outside their office. Now it's a letter from half the A&E consultants in the whole country, will they listen?
Dr Zoidberg agrees with half of our A&E consultants
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